This Weekend in LA: If we don't die on 12/21, then go explore LA while everyone is out of town.


Arroyo Seco

If you watch any of the History Channel shows this week, it's all about the 12/21 doomsday.  But here at Apt2B, we have the utmost faith that we'll survive through the weekend.  So with that in mind, here's what you should be doing while all those non-LA folks are at home visiting family.


Not the End of the World - Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles

The Winter Solstice is today, marking it as the shortest day of the year.  If you want to learn more about it, the Griffith Observatory is hosting a talk at 11:40am.  There are also plenty of "Time's Up" shows scheduled at the Planetarium along with a 11:50pm "Not-the-end-of-the-world" presentation at 10:45 pm (that's if we all survive!!!).


Chill - Queen Mary, Long Beach 10am - 10 pm

If we make it to Saturday, celebrate like it's winter.  Yes, it's cold outside, but the Queen Mary's "Chill" will make you feel alive and pretend we really have seasons without heading to the East Coats.  Where else in LA are you able to tube down a 100 foot ramp from a height of a two-story tall building?


Arroyo Seco Hike - Pasadena, CA

We survived!!!  Go out an enjoy nature.  Though it might be a bit frosty out, we still have the sun.  If you've never gone on the Arroyo Seco trail in the Angeles National Forest, you are missing out.  It was one of the most favorite vacation spots in the Southland in the early 1900's.  You can still see the streamside cabins as well as the manmade waterfalls along the path.

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  • Adam Hanin