Ladies and Gentleman We Would Like To Introduce To You notNeutral to the Family


Personally, I have been a huge fan of notNeutral for years. I stumbled across them while strolling through Larchmont Village one day when my Mom was in town (btw, Larchmont is a great day killer to spend a day on when your family is in town). From their intriguing Lino Street Espresso Set to their illuminating Hurricane Candles, you can find notNeutral pieces throughout my apartment.  In fact, when California Home + Design asked me about my favorite places to shop in LA, notNeutral was at the top of the list. As the buyer for Apt2B, I couldn't be happier to finally welcome their line to our site! A great description of their products is found on their site and describes notNeutral as: "...bold, idea-based, accessible objects for the everyday modern lifestyle. Blurring the boundaries between the figural and abstract, and the decorative and functional, the pieces we design are durable, playful, and imbued with a clever take on the ordinary that is unquestionably not neutral."

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  • Adam Hanin