Apt2B Wins Daily Candy's Coveted, Start Small Go Big Contest For Start-Ups!


What an unbelievable honor to be recognized by Ink From Chase and Daily Candy and be awarded the winner in the category "Most Inventive Award".  This has been a total whirlwind experience from entering the contest back in late June to the big announcement today. Apt2B along with five other small businesses has been rewarded an experience of a lifetime! We all will be featured in a Daily Candy write-up and a trip to New york for a two day Daily Candy Academy to be mentored by some of the biggest names is furniture, fashion, beauty, and apparel. There is some amazing mentors as you can see below but for us the kicker is that one of the mentors is our biggest inspiration Jonathan Adler!

THANK YOU DAILY CANDY AND INK FROM CHASE WE WILL SEE YOU IN NYC NEXT MONTH! The Landlords                                                


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  • Adam Hanin