Live From the New York International Gift Fair it's Apt2B's Favorite Finds


We just got back from the New York International Gift Fair and it was filled with the latest trends and tomorrow's looks in home decor. We got to see some really fun and cool stuff that we definitely wanted to share with you. Here are a few of our favorites.Make sure you look closely, those are yard sticks acting like a chandelier!

Have you seen these yet?  Plastic bags that are reusable and usable as flower vases.  These are a really great idea for center pieces at any event. That's one big ass sofa! Don't worry if you want to sit on a Heart or a Club they have those too.  Potato sack pouf ottomans, poker chips not included. Taking the Rocking Chair to an entirely different level.  Use your imagination cause this bed rocks!!!!!!!!!     Do you wanna buy a duck?  A what?  A Duck!  Does it quack? Probably my personal favorite product at the show.  These intertwine candles sticks comes in 6 colors and you can now buy them here! We loved these mason jar lamps with potato sack lampshades. YUMMY! I mean we were in NYC so we may have had a few slices ;)

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  • Adam Hanin