Apt2B Is Proud To Be A Part Of Small Business Saturday!


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBJJUWt47rk&feature=player_embedded#!   Here at Apt2B we are kind of unique local business.  What makes us different is that we only operate on-line however we only service the L.A. marketplace.  We do this so we can warehouse locally and give you the absolute best service, best quality, and best delivery at an amazing value.  All of our deliveries are outsourced to Extra Express who started their own local small business in Los Angeles in 1982. Be a part of the over 2.5 Million people who support Small Business Saturday. As a gift to you we are offering just $5 Delivery on ANY order placed today on Small Business Saturday @ Apt2B. Thank you for supporting us as we strive to continue to bring you affordable, unique, and fun products for your home. Happy Holidays, The Landlords of Apt2B


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  • Adam Hanin