The Real Power Of Social Media


This story is the true essence of how powerful and meaningful social media is. I went to the BlogWorld Expo to further educate myself and learn how to expose my new business Apt2B through social media. I went to this convention for selfish intentions, to grow my business but what I got out of it was this wonderful new connection with Mark Horvath and his mission to end homelessness. Check out his story documented via follow him @hardlynormal on twitter and get involved! With his mission of ending homelessness he hooked up with major brands and builds what he refers to as a brand cause relationship. Horvath noted, "For the last three years Hanes has helped me hand out “White Gold” as I travel all around North America. When living on the streets a fresh, clean pair of socks makes a world of difference". Here Mark tells us his story about his awesome brand cause relationship between GMC and InvisiblePeople.Tv. To read more about this special partnership check out this post where Mark was presented with this car to help conquer his country-wide road trip.   We are a start-up company, just a few months old yet it was always our intention to be as philanthropic as we can be.   Here is what we were able to do for now to help Mark personally as he continues his quest to end homelessness.   Check out Mark's blog post and hear in his words what this meant to him. You can read it here at HardlyNormal. I am sharing this story with you because I feel that social media at times get's a lot of bad press. Things go viral for various reasons, a lot of them are ridiculous, funny, and just insane.  There is nothing special in what Apt2B as a company did to help out Mark.  I feel that it is our duty when we can as companies and individuals to give back to society.  Apt2B looks forward to continuing helping ongoing projects in cojuction with Ascencia a Glendale, CA shelter that Mark holds dear to his heart. However, what  is special about this is how Mark Horvath is showing us how to use social media as a free tool to raise awareness for an important cause.  As the holidays are approaching we all seem to give a little more this time of year which is awesome but we need to remember that people who live on the streets need a safe home, a fresh pair of socks, a hot meal all year around not just during the holidays.

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  • Adam Hanin