Trick Or Treat? 13 Last Minute Costumes You Can Find In Your Apartment

You're broke, busy, or just not that into it but you need to pull together a Halloween costume for the party this weekend. I have found the perfect solution that is fun, easy, and nice on your pocketbook. Go to your closet, open those storage boxes, look under your bed and you won't believe what costume ideas may stem from this. I invited my neighbor over to see how many costumes we can come up with by only using items that exist in my apartment. The results were amazing, we found 13 lucky costumes in less than 20 minutes!
1. The Pool Boy - Think Flamingo Kid meets Country Club snobbery.
2. The Bartender - Grab your tightest black tee, grab some booze from your shelves, and you're golden.
3. Wind-blown - Grab your umbrella, ella, ella, and turn it inside out. Walk like you are fighting the wind as your hair is disheveled and your tie is wrapped around your shoulder. Best chance to win most original costume. (Although not so original anymore however if you really commit to this it will get a ton of laughs)  
4. The Dog Walker- Have your treats be candy.
5. The Skier- Aspen style, naturally (as my closet may have one or two Argyle sweaters). 6. Bruce Springsteen - Get your date to dress up as Courtney Cox. You can make two cheap costumes and still get the laughs! 7. The Grandpa- Wait why do I have these clothes in my closet? 8. Burt Reynolds from the original movie "The Longest Yard"

9. The Baseball Player- Don't have the legs to pull off the Burt Reynolds look? Grab some sweats and go Sunday softball style.
10. The Hollywood Douchebag- Enough said!
11. A Television - Grab a box and throw a hanger on it as an antenna. Be careful 'cause this costume will make you look 10lbs heavier.
12. The Tacky Tourist - Again why are these clothes in my closet? And don't tell my neighbors I have binoculars.
13. The Mummy- If all else fails you hopefully have toilet paper in the house. Wrap it around your body and you will pass for a mummy, a Clan member, or a light bulb.
A good time had by all, and I assure you nobody was harmed during these shenanigans. You have no excuse now not to rally and pull together a killer costume for Halloween. Have fun and be safe! AND, Send me pics of you dressed in your costume. Best costume gets a $50 gift certificate to Olive Garden (that's right - bottomless bread sticks)!
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Happy Halloween!

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  • Adam Hanin