Tell Him Whatever You Want, But Size DOES Matter.

4 Simple Tips To Make Your Apartment Look Bigger

Although most of us (hopefully) love the homes we’re in, there’s always that nagging thought in the back of our minds: “If only it were a little bigger!” Am I right, ladies? One of the challenges we all face living in a city like Los Angeles is that we pay exorbitant rent for minimal space. So, the trick is capitalizing on the area we are working with, to make it appear bigger than it actually is. With these tips and a little creativity, we’ll have your space feeling twice as nice in no time.   1. Paint Your Walls You’ve seen this one while perusing the online real estate listings you can’t afford… It’s a go-to trick of the staging trade. Painted walls give a fresh feel and make the most of wall length and height. When choosing a color make sure you stay with light neutral or pastel colors, as dark colors will close a room in.   2. Hang Or Lean A Mirror

Mirrors create the illusion of open space, and they can easily make a room feel double the size. That’s why everyone in the 70’s lined the walls of their bedroom with mirrors. What? Try to place mirrors opposite a window so the lovely view will reflect back into the room. Here are some other great feng shui tips for placing mirrors in your home.   3. Armless sofas are sexy An armless sofa will create more space by increasing the flow of space around it. They are easy to place in a room, and so easy to accessorize! Stick a floor lamp and an end table on one side, and you’ve got an entire living room setup in a fraction of the space. (Not to mention the fact that they are also totally on trend. These two above are available at!)   4. Clean Your Room & Make Your Bed! This is not a joke. The simplest and cheapest way to make your place feel bigger is to actually pick up after yourself. Keeping things neat creates more usable space, more usable surfaces, and generally makes you look like a grownup. Try to make sure everything you own has a place where it can be “put away,” and then stay on top of it!   We hope this helps! And we’d love to hear your ideas… What are some of the ways you’ve turned your shoebox into the giant, glorious home of your dreams?

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  • Adam Hanin