Caldrea, Take Me Away!


Ok. Maybe it’s a girl-thing, but I’m a lot more obsessed with soap, scents, and cleaning products, than I am with cleaning. I can’t recall the last time I actually finished a bottle of body wash before I had purchased a new one, nor have I been able to wash through my fallout-shelter-quantity of hand soap and household cleaners. And discovering Caldrea cleaning products is NOT helping my obsession.

  Caldrea products are earth-friendly, not tested on animals, and their main ingredients are natural and feature essential oil fragrances. With an array of other aromatic and eco-chic products like laundry detergent, room freshener, powdered scrub, and candles, I guarantee you’ll have a renewed sense of wanting to clean.   I’ve become a huge fan of the Lavender Pine Dish Soap. It gets my dishes clean and fills my kitchen with a nice fresh scent. Two other bonuses: the bottle is super stylish and vintage-looking, AND it cuts through greasy/crusty dishes (that maybe have been hanging in my sink for too long) without chemicals.   My other current fave is the Ginger Pomelo Hand Soap. It has a very bright citrus scent. Juicy and energizing, I like the zesty aroma that lingers on my hands after a quick wash.   If you are a fan of Mrs. Meyers, Method, and/or find yourself gravitating towards natural soaps and cleansers, you should definitely give Caldrea a try.      

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  • Adam Hanin