Tips On Decorating Your College Apartment: Bathroom



One of the many new joys of getting out of the dorm and into your own place is no more public dorm bathrooms! Let’s be honest, nothing is fun about sharing a bathroom with 30 other people, especially after booze filled night where the contents of your stomach end up … elsewhere. At UMass, the dorms were Co-Ed but there was only one bathroom on each floor, which means for half the year you had to travel up or down a flight of stairs to use the bathroom. I was literally one misdemeanor away from being kicked out of the dorms sophomore year for using the men’s bathroom at 3am one too many times. Whoops. Anyways, now onto your daily decorating tips for your bathroom…

1.) Two words: Automatic Cleaners. With both mom and the janitor now out of the picture, keeping the bathroom clean is now up to you. First, there are many products which you stick on the inside of your toilet that self-clean with every flush. Try 2000 flushes . This product goes for only about $3 and is one of the best cleaning products you could possibly buy. Scrubbing bubbles makes an equivalent product for the shower. It self-cleans after each shower: no spraying, no scrubbing, and no rubbing required . 2.) If you are sharing the bathroom with one or multiple roommates, sometimes space can be tight. I shared a bathroom with 2 other girls. To keep things organized, get a big shower rack that has shelves corresponding to the number of people using the bathroom. We had a lot of other [non – shower] products and not nearly enough room to fit them. If you are in a similar situation, do NOT put your stuff on the bathroom counter: doing so instantly makes your bathroom look disorganized and messy. Aside from some soap, tooth brushes IN a tooth brush holder (can’t even tell you how many times I saw tooth brushes lying on the counter or in the shower … so gross), and some hand cloths, the counter should be neat and clear. Since we did not have enough drawer space for our products, I bought a small bed-stand and put it next to the shower. Not only did it accessorize nicely, it allowed us the extra storage needed for our stuff, to keep our bathroom look fresh and tidy.

3.) Satisfy the nose without burning down the house.  While candles are great, they can be a serious fire hazard in a college setting; especially when hosting parties. Even if you intend for the candle to be strictly decorative, it won’t be long before one of your flame – friendly guests lights it up.  To please the sense of smell, stick to diffusers, plug-ins, or even some old fashioned potpourri. If you really like the look of candles, (flameless) battery operated candles are a great option as well.  

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  • Adam Hanin