A Behind The Scenes Look At Our Photo Shoot For Thrillist.com


This blog was primarily set-up to give you a real look inside the walls of Apt2B.  Today we wanted to share with you some pictures from our very fun and cool shoot for Thrillist.com. We are so excited to be featured in their Thrillist Rewards section.  Since we launched just two short months ago we have received numerous calls from these "Deal" sites who all wanted Apt2B.com to offer their subscribers a unique offer.  Internally amongst the Landlords we really struggled, perhaps bickered, and argued at times as to if this really made sense for our company.  The biggest dilemma we felt is  that we don't want to be known as a "discount house" who constantly needs to run offers with these "deal of the moment" sites just to generate sales.  We feel very strongly that our everyday prices crush any competition we have.  It has always been our intention in merchandising our huge array of items from furniture to bath, bedroom, kitchen, and home decor to price it at the most aggressive everyday prices. However when Thrillist approached us it was very hard for me in particular to pass on the idea of partnering up with them.  I myself have been a huge Thrillist fan since their inception in the L.A. market in 2006.   Thrillist delivers a targeted recommendation via one email each day to its audience of mostly young, well-educated, affluent men, focusing on what is new, unknown or unappreciated in local entertainment and lifestyle categories. Anyways so we said screw it, we are in!  So we transformed my apartment into literally Apt2B.  Yup, everything in the place from the dishes to the towels, the sofa to the sheets on the bed is all available at Apt2B.  We brought in the amazing and beautiful photographer Heather Scherbert to capture the real Apt2B and naturally she nailed it.  A special thank you to the great Brian Poth.  We could not of pulled this off without him!  Naturally The Guy In2A killed it and the cherry  on top was his little sister happened to be in town and participated in the fun as well!  

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  • Adam Hanin