It's Time For Some Color!


It's Time for Some Color

Scientific research shows that many more men than women are color-blind. Perhaps there is some kind of evolutionary reason for their limited color palette? Or, maybe they just don’t care. I mean, they care, but don’t feel a need to describe and differentiate these colorful nuances. I recently came across this interesting infographic that compares the way women and men view and describe color. Where we women may easily differentiate between “lilac” and “lavender”, men will simply say “purple”.  “Grass” or “Kelly” to men is just “green”. Regardless of whether you keep it simple, or secretly want to be a crayon namer for Crayola, it’s always fun to add some color. The kitchen is a great place to start adding color even to the manliest of man-caves.

Keep a look out for future post on adding color as we try to conquer one room at a time.  In the meantime enjoy this video by the baddest color of them all!

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  • Adam Hanin