Unique Ways To Fill Those Vases


Even though I always swoon at the freshly cut flowers and plants, I feel guilty knowing they will quickly die under my care. But, just because you don’t have a green thumb doesn’t mean that your collection of vases (from all of the flowers that you’ve most likely received from our various suitors) has to reside in that extra cabinet above your refrigerator. Here are some unconventional items that look great in a vase, and have a much longer life than flowers. 1. Found in nature If it’s not going to be flowers, as least keep it in Mother Nature’s family, right? Try filling your vase with shells, acorns, pinecones, sea glass or rocks. 2. Food that makes a statement Lemons, limes, dry pasta, candy, coffee beans, or cinnamon sticks look bold, modern and geometric in a clear vase. Not to mention the aroma of coffee or cinnamon.


3.  Collectibles

What to do with that pesky wine cork collection? Drop them in a vase for instant sophistication. Give purpose to your BF’s bottle cap collection. Also works with pennies, matchbooks, buttons, etc.

4. Everyday Essentials

If your style includes visual irony, tune in. Try putting the items you use every day into a vase. For example, storing extra rolls or toilet paper creates a clever storage idea and artsy intrigue. Use a vase to store your ladles and spatulas. Or spice up your desk with a vase of pens and pencils. Checkout some of our great vases and start getting creative!

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  • Adam Hanin