Super Easy DIY Magnets


Ever wonder what to do with the random collectibles that end up in that drawer or box? You know those; extra buttons, cool coins from a trip, single earrings (who’s mate you are still hoping to find), pins, or even postcards from people that you just don’t want to throw away?

A good way to give your keepsakes a purpose is to make them into magnets. Create a fun set of magnets for your fridge, your office magnet board, or even to give as a personalized cute and crafty gift. What you need: Random objects, Glue, and Magnets For the Super Easy DIY Magnets, really all you need to do is glue the magnets you purchase to the back of your stuff. Try using ½” to 1” round magnets depending on your selection of stuff to magnetize. Dab and spread the glue evenly, position, and stick. Let dry. If you choose flat pieces like photos or postcards, it is best to purchase self-adhesive magnet strips. Peel away, positions and stick the adhesive side to your flat objects. Violá!

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  • Adam Hanin