How to add color to your white walls

So you’ve moved (again), and your new apartment has not-quite-white walls (again).  What’s that? It even has neutral carpeting, making you feel like you just moved into a bowl of oatmeal? Where painting always sounds like a great idea, let’s be honest, it often not an option. Or, if you can paint, can lead to more work and mess than need be.  So, here are 5 ways to add some color and pizzazz to your humdrum apartment. 1.         Put up Large-scale art work.

Don’t feel like you have to take out a personal loan to afford art for your walls. The key is to find reasonably priced pieces. These abstract and graphic prints add energy and color to any room. Also try framing your favorite poster; a frame instantly takes a poster from dorm-room to adulthood. If you are really on a budget peruse the art section at your local Goodwill or Flea market. 2. A colorful rug. Rugs on top of rugs may feel redundant, but a little extra padding never hurt anyone either. Adding an area rug adds color, covers stains (we all have them), and, moreover, can help define a space.  Situating furniture around a rug easily creates coziness and purpose to a room. 3.         Add Color to your furniture. This isn’t to say you should paint all of your furniture, but buying one feature piece can will add an instant pop.  A turquoise dresser, an orange side table, even a slipcover over your practical (yet, neutral) sofa will draw one’s attention away from your boring walls. 4.         Hang Curtains. Just because there isn’t a window doesn’t mean you can’t put up curtains.  Installing a rod and hanging colorful curtains is a very easy way to literally cover up your plain walls. A wall of fabric will add lushness and the illusion of windows. The best part is that you can quickly change it up without the hassle of breaking out the paint. 5.         Bedding. A new colorful duvet cover and throw pillows will not only embellish your bed, but your whole room. Don’t be afraid to go with high contrast. By adding a bright, bold duvet cover, you can play into the more neutral walls with purpose. Find pillows that bring the duvet and walls together. Of course, cute and colorful objet d’art, vases, flowers, and mismatched mugs also can help bring color and personality to your colorless pad. Share your tips and tricks on how you made your plain apartment not-so plain.  

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  • Adam Hanin