A Sneak Peak at This Spring's New Colors, Styles, and Trends in Home Decor

We just got back from the Atlanta International Gift Show followed by the California Gift Show @ The L.A. Mart- two cities filled with the latest trends and tomorrows looks in home decor. We got to see some really fun and cool stuff that we definitely wanted to share with you.
1. It's the new French Revolution- It seems that if you don't have a pillow with some french words scripted on it, clearly you are not that cool. Literally every designer showroom brought in this rustic French theme. Jeez we saw Eiffel Tower pillows, shot glasses, and salt & pepper shakers.
2. The British Are Coming! The British Are Coming!
The Beatles are back......again. So is Big Ben, and British Flags (like on these cool trunks above).
3. Anchors - This was one our  favorite come-back story of the shows. The Anchor is back and not in a snobby country club way. This is a fun and kitschy bath mat.
4. Insects and dragonflies are out! Owls, Peacocks, & Birdies are in! These flying animals were seen all over, from door mats to duvet covers.
5. Haven't seen this much Tie-Dye since my totally rad summer camp days in the 80's. It appears that, in anticipation of passing Prop 19: The Regulate, Control, & Tax Cannabis Act, designers were scurrying to set the mood. Unfortunately, the Prop didn't pass... but at least we got these cool pillows out of it.

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  • Adam Hanin