How To Shop For A "Grown Up" Bed

You're not in college anymore, so it's ridiculous if your bedding situation qualifies as any of the below..
1. Your mattress is actually right on the floor.
2. You only have a mattress and not a box spring.
3. You are sleeping on a futon, roll away bed, or a sofa bed.
4. You still have an "egg crate" to try to make that cheap ass
mattress you bought feel comfortable.
One of the biggest steps into adulthood is buying a big boy or big girl bed. More than any furniture purchase you can make, this one signifies "I am an adult now!" Below are some tips and advice for acceptable bedding options.
1. The Basic Metal Bed Frame.
At minimum, you need to set your mattress and box spring on a basic metal frame so it is not lying directly on the floor. A bed frame is only a small upgrade from the college years, and I do encourage you to take a larger leap of bedroom faith than just this. However, I do understand that due to space restrictions this may be your only option. That being said, if you are only doing the bed frame, you should buy a bed skirt so it hides the unattractive bronze cross bars and those janky plastic wheels. Also since you obviously didn't spend your money on a nice bed, splurge on some really nice sheets and bedding to make up for it. Another trick you can use is to paint the wall behind your bed and it can work as a psuedo headboard.
2. Sleigh Beds - If you still haven't got the memo sleigh beds are as
"out" as Ricky Martin on a beach in St. Tropez.
That being said, sleigh beds are still a classic look. So if you already own one that's cool. I'm just saying if you are in the market to buy a new bed sleigh bed's would not be the way to go.
3. The Storage Bed.
The biggest trend in the bed market now is definitely beds that have storage. These beds are awesome- they have drawers built right into them making it easier to hide all my baseball cards and toys. Really, they are so practical. Having storage in your bed is a great space saver that allows you to forfeit the chest of drawers from your already overcrowded bedroom.
4. Upholstered Beds.
I have been seeing some really nice upholstered beds in the marketplace. Linen fabrics have definitely replaced the leather look on beds. Grey is the new Brown. Tufted upholstery and nail head trim is bigger then ever. It makes for a classy urban look.
Most people's first real furniture purchase is a couch. It's like a Bar Mitzvah: you're supposedly a man, but you're not really a man because you're only 13. Buying bedroom furniture is like your 21st birthday- once you've purchased a bed and a nice mattress, you can really consider yourself an adult. Check out next week's blog for tips and hints on purchasing the right mattress to compliment your new bed.
And if all else fails just buy this classic car bed and you'll sleep like a baby.

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  • Adam Hanin