What Does Your Bathroom Say About You?

You never know who may stop by unexpectedly, or whom you may bring home from the bars, so here is a checklist of the have's and have-nots for your bathroom. Call these pet-peeves if you wish but very useful info here!




2. Do keep the seat down!

3. Do always have an emergency roll of toilet paper in the bathroom. It's an effin nightmare to get stuck in someone else's bathroom and run out of toilet paper.

4. Do have an extra toothbrush for an unexpected guest. Now this is a bit tricky cause you don't want to unveil a drawer filled with toothbrushes, as if you have a different trick every night sleepover. So make sure you have one extra but make it appear as if you bought a 3-pack and it's just the one you were going to use next.

5. Do always have a clean towel.

6. Do have potpourri, scented candle, or one of those plug-in glad fresheners *make sure you cross-reference with #6 below of the dont's.




1. Don't keep the toilet seat up!


2. Don't have any ointments out that read, "apply when itchy".

3. Don't have a moldy shower liner.

4. Don't forget to flush.

5. Don't have your Porno mags out.

6. Don't have matches out. The smell of a burnt match just says "wow, someone just took a big poop in my bathroom." Same applies to Lysol.

7. Hide your pills! Let them figure out in time you're a little crazy before they see the bottle of klonopin.


People will snoop so be prepared!!!!

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  • Adam Hanin