5 Affordable Plants That Will Look Great In Your Place

Plants are a really great way to add some life to your place. Here are some of my favorite, mostly because they look great and they are very easy to maintain!
1. The Corn Plant
This is my personal favorite. I have had one of these plants in every place I have lived in. They do well in low light conditions and need very little loving.
2. The Braided Ficus Needs persistent and consistent watering to prevent the beautiful dark green leaves from falling.
3. The Bonsai Go Karate Kid old school and grab one from these great local nurseries.
4. The Pony Tail Palm Needs lots and lots of light and can grow up to 6 feet! Best part is it can go over a year without needing watering.
5. Chinese Evergreen Very strong silvery gray and dark green leaves. This plant needs low light. Make sure you allow the soil to fully dry between watering's.  Put the plant in a pot and watch it grow! Places like Osh and Home Depot have good prices on both plants and pots.

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  • Adam Hanin