Should You Mount Your TV On The Wall?


The Plasma/LCD TV has forever changed the way we watch television and, more importantly, it has forever changed how we display our new TV's. The days of just sticking your television in an armoire or on some awful oak entertainment center are over. Now we must make tough decisions- choices more important than LCD or Plasma! I'm talking real life issues, like: do I mount it on the wall or buy a TV Stand? Here's the general rule on mounting: if you don't get it professionally done (so all the wires and cords are hidden inside the wall), you should use a stand. Quite frankly, I am still a traditionalist who believes a TV should sit rather then float and I hate the way the cords can be seen when someone mounts one to a wall. And, yes, I know there are all these innovative ways to hide all those wires, from buying colored tubing to putting a funky vase in front of them, but I think it still looks better on a stand- there are so many cool TV stands in the marketplace now! Plus, TV's are so thin you can also rest them on some very unique consoles and sofa tables that were traditionally meant for different purposes.

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  • Adam Hanin