When Is It Time To Give Up On IKEA?

IKEA has been referred to as the Forever 21 of the furniture world. You know what I mean, “like I am probably too old for this but perhaps I can rock it one more time.” Well no worries, I have set-up for you the ultimate breakdown of age appropriate items you may buy at IKEA.   
18-24yr olds - You have a free pass, IKEA should be your super market sweep of all your apartment needs. Whether you are buying for your dorm room or your first apartment, all IKEA all the time is OK.   
25-29yr olds - You're probably in your second or third apt by now and most everything you own is already from IKEA, so now is the time to start shedding off some off those IKEA layers, you are almost a grown-up! Kitchenware, bathware, and bookcases are acceptable purchases.   
30-34yr olds - This is when you need to realize the end of an era is upon you. You are getting too old for this stuff. Absolutely no furniture from IKEA is acceptable. Ok, fine./.the only exceptions are in spare rooms or home offices. You may still purchase: shower curtains, drapes, kitchen utensils, and seasonal kitchy items.   
35-39yr olds - Hey, times are tough in today’s economic world so I am giving you a mulligan here. However, you must make certain that there is no sign of any sticker that says IKEA, or if I see an IKEA ALLEN WRENCH (as seen above) anywhere in your home we are no longer friends!
40 and over- At this point in your life you have only two reasons you are at IKEA. 1. You are buying bunkbeds for your kids or 2. You are eating those amazing Swedish meatballs from their cafeteria.

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  • Adam Hanin