Glass Top vs. Wood Top


Whether you are shopping for a coffee table or a dining table, the decision between a glass top or wood top depends on the style and decor of your apartment….and perhaps your favorite cleaning product. Is it Windex or Pledge?

A glass top is easy to clean, but that means it actually must be cleaned. If you don't Windex it often every fingerprint and toe print will show. One great thing about a glass top, whether it’s a coffee or dining table is that you really don’t need to use a coaster. If you are leaning towards a glass top, I would recommend a rounded or oval shape one because it will not nearly be as painful when you bump your knee into it. If you prefer Pledge, as far as a wood top is concerned, here are some tips to keep it clean and looking great. Personally, I have both a glass dining and coffee table, it wasn't what I necessarily was searching for, but I hate the lemon “fresh” scent of Pledge…and it looks great!

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  • Adam Hanin