5 Rules For Displaying Your Family Pictures In Your Apartment

You absolutely can and should have pictures of your family displayed in your place, but it's important to know the boundaries. Having too many (or not enough) may give the wrong impression, and picture placement is key.
  5 rules of displaying pictures of your family in your place.
 1. Pictures of babies are always safe- in fact, they're usually a big hit.  A well-placed baby picture can definitely stir conversation, such as... "awww that baby is so cute is that your nephew?"
 2. Pictures are also a great and super cheap way to decorate your apartment. 
  3. Don't put pictures of your parents anywhere near your bed. It's just weird.
 4. Too many pictures of your family can be a little much, and will send a red flag to anyone you invite over. (It's time to cut the chord. You're a big boy now.)
5. Simply displaying pictures of your family on the refrigerator with magnets is fun, cute, and won't reach overkill. I found some interesting magnets here.


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  • Adam Hanin