Bed, Bath and Beyond Beyond!

I had my 20% coupon in hand and needed to grab me some Brita filters. But this trip, I decided, was more then just a quick run; I was on a mission. I was in search of the answer to the riddle: What is the BEYOND at Bed, Bath, & Beyond? Well, you will not believe how BEYOND "BEYOND" they have gone. It was like a QVC commercial on crack from the moment I walked in the door!

Here are 5 items that are beyond any reason they are at BBB.

  1. The Snuggie

First of all, I actually bought one of these last year for my Secret Santa gift and I will admit it was a big hit. In fact, it got traded for three times. However, once out of the box I realized how absolutely uncomfortable the Snuggie is. It’s 100% felt and 1000% flammable! Once the darling of the “As Seen On TV “ world, it appears that the Snuggie is yesterday’s news, so now you can take advantage of the $14.99 price break.
2.  The Booty Pop


Ladies no need to pay those absorbent prices anymore at Victoria Secret. That’s right, your Booty can now POP like J-Lo’s. Put down those Spanks and feel sexy again with this latest sensation of ridiculousness. It’s all new, and sold exclusively at Bed, Bath, & Beyond: your go-to resource to accentuate all your curves.


3.  Shake Weight FOR MEN!

Fellows I know what you’ve been thinking: Why do blondes have more fun? Well don’t worry guys now we can have all the enjoyment they get. That’s right, finally Shake-Weight for MEN. We can now jerk, vibrate, pulse, & sweat our way to bigger biceps and sexier triceps. Thanks Shake Weight for reading my suggestion letters :)
4. The Very Best Of Barry Manilow
SERIOUSLY they actually have an entire rack of “mood setting” music for those special moments. And their feature artist is Barry Manilow! The buyers at Bed, Bath, & Beyond really made an amazing choice when they were thinking of just the right CD to put on when you’re trying to get the girl from the sofa to the bedroom. Nothing says sex then a little “Time In New England,” into “Mandy,” followed by a little “Copacabana” to close the deal.
5. The Magic Hat
I couldn’t even make this stuff up if I wanted to! The Magic Hat sold at Bed, Bath, & Beyond? This one stumps me even more than Barry. The good news is it does come with a magic cape and over 200 tricks!!!
I really do think Bed, Bath, and Beyond is a great store for actual bed and bath products plus they have some awesome kitchenware too. However, the Beyond is just beyond my imagination. But, like Meatloaf says, “2 out of 3 ain't bad."

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  • Adam Hanin