RSS founder, Mat Herman, shares with us his favorite L.A. local places. As curator, buyer, and tastemaker of his own brand he lets us in on some places that most inspire him.  "I realize that Apt2B can’t be all things to all people, plus that would just be boring. I love to mix and a match with my own décor at home."

1.  Not Neutral- 2 words: Sidewalk Sale.  Most people, even Angelenos, don’t realize that Not Neutral has a small retail space in Larchmont Village on the corner of Melrose/Larchmont. Do yourself a favor and sign-up for their email to be alerted of their quarterly sidewalk sample sales.  The prices are ridiculous as they are practically giving the stuff away.

Hurricane Lanterns come in 4 sizes and now 6 colors starting as low as $28  @ Not Neutral 2.  Fred Segal Home Department- Fred Segal has always been the trend setter in apparel in Los Angeles but people are always shocked to learn that they even have a home boutique.  Just walk right through the café and you will be surprised at the wonderful and unique selection of home décor and housewares from coffee table books, vases, picture frames, and throws. They are far more affordable than you would imagine.  As the best place to get a gift in the city you can do no wrong by walking into a wedding shower or birthday party with a wrapped gift in their iconic Fred Segal box. Currently I am loving these Rex Ray lacquered boxes and trays.   3. Jonathan Adler- Directly across the street from Fred Segal is the Grand Daddy of them all.  Seriously, Jonathan Adler is my higher power.  There isn't anybody in the game that even comes close to the fun, kitschy, and unique looks that JA continues to introduce season after season.  Who else could get away with this new needlepoint covered flask for $98?   4. TINI- Mixing vintage with modern is so sexy to me.  TINI provides a great place at their flagship Fairfax location to find  that WOW piece to compliment your everyday decor.  I personally nabbed this Telechron clock in a lucite case last spring for a great price and it actually works!   5. The Barkeeeper in Silver Lake is such a cute store that is filled with barware spanning every decade. Check out their boutique selection of vintage or new glassware, gadgets, coasters, and just about anything you can think of pertaining to the bar.  Oh, and as a bonus they all sell rare label small production booze there as well.   Just saw this vintage 8pc glass set with a brass caddy for just $56 at  BARKEEPER in Silver Lake.

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  • Adam Hanin