1. Clean my apartment more- I like to think I keep a clean place but I do realize there is a big difference between picking up after myself and actually cleaning.
3. Wallpaper A Room In My Place- This was on my list for 2010 and I never pulled the trigger. I've actually had a sample of the wallpaper I picked out for over eight months. This year I am going to buy a few rolls and do a wall in my place. I'll keep you posted on this and make sure to take a pic. This is the print I like that I found @ Walnut on Beverly.
4. Keep My Shower Liner & Curtain Mildew Free- I know, right? It's such a pain in the ass to hang a shower liner however looking at that moldy liner in the shower is just nasty. I'm gonna spend the $3 it costs and buy a new one. Also do you know you can actually wash the shower curtain in the washing machine. Add vinegar or a little baking soda to the detergent and it will be like new!
5. Learn to Cook- Seriously I want to learn how to cook and not just re-heat! I saw this cool place where you can take beginning cooking lessons and it doesn't look so intimidating. Hurry cause classes start January 10th!
6. Switch to a Single Server Coffee Maker- These are one of those inventions that make me think WTF why did this take this long (like when they finally figured out how much more comfortable it is to just print the tag of your t-shirt right into the inside rather than having an itchy hanging tag that says Jockey). Anyways back to the single serve coffee maker. It's so practical, easy to clean, and leaves very little waste.
7. Clean Out My Closet- and take it to Good Will. Here are some tips. If you haven't worn it for a year, throw it out. If you are keeping wool sweaters, turtlenecks and winter jackets cause you may move back East, don't! If it was in the "maybe" pile last year then put it in the "YES" pile this year.
8. Bang the Girl In 2C- Ha! Just wanted to make sure you are still reading this! But really I would like to get up the nerve to at least ask her out on a date.
9. Clean Out All My Drawers- in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. If that menu from that restaurant that went out of business in 2005 is still in your drawer throw it out, if you still have a prescription that says expires 4/2007 throw it out, if your jelly says good before June 2010 and you still haven't even cracked the seal throw it out!
10. Meet At Least One Neighbor- I have been in my new apartment for one year now and I am embarrassed to admit I have not said hi or introduced myself to any of my neighbors. No more uncomfortable elevator rides or midnight runs to the trash chute.
I really want to wish you all a very Happy and Healthy New Year and it's gonna be a great 2011 for all of us!!!!!!!

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  • Adam Hanin