Why You Should Avoid "Going Out Of Business" Sales

Stay clear of ads that read, "Everything Must Go", "Closing Our Store Forever", "No Reasonable Offer Refused!". These are signs of the biggest traps in the furniture industry.
The truth is most stores that run a GOB sale (Going Out of Business) make more money during the short length of that sale then they probably do during an entire year of business. It's a total farce, most furniture stores bring in a third party company to run these sales. They load up on inventory rather than trying to sell what they already have and price the furniture at an exuberant mark- up playing and preying on the emotions of the customer who believes a sale, especially a GOB must have have the best deals ever. This is just not true! In addition all items will have a non return policy because the store won't be around anymore to service you.
WATCH, READ, RUN!!!!!!!!!

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  • Adam Hanin