A seating area or artwork in a hall can be like an exclamation point, punctuating the space with personality.

By Joanna Tovia, Houzz


Every well-designed room has a focal point, and that should include hallways as well. These oft-neglected spaces reflect homeowners’ attention to detail and decorating proficiency. The hallway is an opportunity, in other words, to strut your stuff in the style department. The good news is that there are some tried-and-true ways to draw the eye in a hallway. All you need to do is select a focal point that suits your home and taste.
A Place to Sit Down: Even if you never actually sit there, an occasional chair can form the basis of an eye-catching hallway vignette. The runner, chair, accessories and artwork seen here are tied together, and the contemporary design of the chair and side table set the tone. Against an all-white background, this vignette positively pops.
Like the home as a whole, the second hallway has tribal overtones in a contemporary context. A chair in a contrasting or bright color draws attention in any space, no matter what its design. Wallpaper that points the way adds extra oomph here.

Impressive Artwork: A painting, print or sculpture is a prime opportunity to reveal the real you. Something earthy or whimsical, for example, says something completely different than an ultramodern poster with an edge. An artwork needn’t be bright and bold to attract attention. A sketch or framed photo positioned as part of a display can make the end of a hallway so intriguing that people step out of their way just to take a peek.

Imagine the above hallway without the art. The architectural details in the house speak volumes, but the artwork stands out and complements the home’s simple elegance beautifully. A painting that reflects your great love — whether that’s a person, hobby or location — can be given center stage in the hall. You’ll likely pass by multiple times a day, and it’s just the thing to serve as an exclamation point in what could otherwise be a nonevent space.
A Little Greenery Container: Plants are not something you typically expect at the end of a hallway, and that’s precisely why you should try them. Juxtaposing leafy greens with a sleek, modern planter makes a confident statement. If your hallway is on the dark side, choose plants that can withstand low light.
A Tantalizing Glimpse: If your hallway can offer a taste of what’s to come in the next room, so much the better. A credenza adorned with objets d’art, an occasional chair or a wall with contrasting wallpaper can draw the eye and the feet into the room. Take a look around your own house, considering the main sightlines from either end of each hallway. What kinds of focal points could you add to create a sense of flow? Doing so will make your home feel more put-together and harmonious.
Without the chair in the room at the end of the first hallway above, the eye wouldn’t know what to look at first. With the chair, we are transported out into the view.

Beauty Amplified: When your hallway is already beautiful because of the materials, detail or decor, adding unnecessary color isn’t always wise. A mirror can be the right choice to make more of what’s already in the space and to provide a focal point at the same time.

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