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Color choices for metals in the home have boldly expanded beyond basic silver and chrome. Splashes of copper, gold and warm brasses have returned to the mix. And now, a blushing rose gold is making decisions harder. This color is popping up on everything from jewelry to cellphones (thanks, Apple), with plenty of applications for home decor.

But rose gold can also be a little intimidating. Its pink hue is, for many people, an unfamiliar metal that can be a bit befuddling in terms of coordinating with the rest of our furnishings. Though it’s true that rose gold doesn’t play well with every color scheme, when paired with the right color choices, this warm neutral can go a long way to style your space. Read on to discover palettes that will enhance the beauty of rose gold in your home.

Pantone’s Color 2016: 45 Rose Quartz Home Decor Ideas

Pale pink. Let’s start with the obvious winner, pink. When it comes to a seamless pairing, pink and rose gold are a marriage made in heaven. After all, “rose gold” is pretty much just another way of saying “pink gold.” So when you add a metallic pink to a room with a nonmetallic pink, the two pieces play off each other to create a brilliant layer of the same color.

Pantone’s Color 2016: 45 Rose Quartz Home Decor Ideas

Here’s a great example of that point. A rose gold mirror creates a focal point in a simple white baby’s room with a pink chair. The contrasting textures in nearly the same color elevate the style and simple color scheme of the room.

Pantone’s Color 2016: 45 Rose Quartz Home Decor Ideas

Similarly, this pink-and-gray bedroom is subtly brought to life with the rose gold pendant, which echoes the pink textiles on the bed.

Pantone’s Color 2016: 45 Rose Quartz Home Decor Ideas

Design tip: When accessorizing your pink-and-rose gold color scheme, try using different textures to contrast with the shiny hard surface of the metal. This will offset any overly harsh or glaring aspects of your metallic accents, creating a softer look in the room.


Soft aqua. A pastel aqua or seafoam blue is an unexpected and stunning complement to rose gold. The soothing and refreshing quality of pale aqua allows the warmth of rose gold to shine, but the contrast is not too stark or dissonant. The underlying green and yellow tones of the aqua pick up on the golden tones of rose gold to bring out a sunny color synergy.


Design tip: When pairing rose gold with aqua, as in this kitchen, introduce warm tones of wood to enhance the honey color of rose gold, or contrast with white to highlight the rose gold and aqua.

Creighton Avenue, London

Neutrals That Let Rose Gold Shine

Gorgeous gray. Next to pink, gray is one of the most popular colors to coordinate with rose gold. This is in large part because the cool character of gray absorbs any garish elements of the rose gold. Next to orange, rose gold might look a bit more brassy and loud. Gray,by contrast, creates an elegant background that allows the subtler aspects of rose gold to shine.

Try using different shades of gray throughout the room to accompany your rose gold elements. From pale to dark, each piece will create layers of interest in your space — particularly if you use different textures — and highlight the rose gold accessories.

Copper/Bronze Globe Pendant Lights

Design tip: Accompany your varied shades of gray with a stylish pastel like pink to further enhance the rosy glow in the room.

Eastern Shore Guest House

Smoky blue. If you’re looking for a bit more of a color but still want a soothing gray tone for your room, try a smoky blue. Similar to gray, a smoky or Wedgwood blue is soothing when placed near rose gold. The cool tones of the blue allow the pink of the rose gold to radiate without seeming gaudy or glaring.

Copper Living

Design tip: White is a wonderful color to accessorize a smoky blue-and-rose gold palette. Here you can see how the white accessories add just a touch of visual excitement but allow both the coolness of the blue and the warmth of the rose gold to remain the focal point.

Teneriffe Brisbane

White walls. As a general rule, white is an excellent backdrop for rose gold, especially when you really want your rose gold to be the star attraction in the room. As is the case with most color pairings, white doesn’t compete for attention, allowing the warmth of rose gold to shine. The result can be a serene palette with a pop of sunny glam.


Mary Ellen Skye Collection

Design tip: If white or beige is the predominant color of your room where rose gold accessories are featured, layer in other white objects of different shapes and textures. Keeping your tchotchkes white will allow rose gold to remain the featured hue in the room.

Warm wood. Wood is a well-suited companion to rose gold accents. Look to your wooden furniture or accessories as colors in your palette, rather than textures or finishes, when creating a scheme to surround your rose gold objects. The warm tones of most woods complement the golden and pink tones in rose gold. The organic texture of wood also softens the harder feel of this rosy metal.

Rosebery Road

Design tip: To liven up a neutral palette of wood and rose gold, try adding just one colorful accent. A little color will go a long way — as shown with the pink throw pillows in this space.

Worlds Away

Bold Colors, for the Unafraid

Beautiful black. Go for a dramatic flair and pair your rose gold accessories with a black wall, furniture or larger accessories. The minimalism of black will highlight every shiny, rosy, metallic feature of your favorite rose gold accompaniments. This color combo will most definitely create a standout feature in the room and a fabulous glamorous vibe.

Zuo Elio Bar Chair

When using black to coordinate your palette, be mindful of the amount of rose gold you showcase. Just the smallest accessory can make a large statement on a black backdrop. Using too many or large rose gold accessories might take over the room and create a frenzied, brassy atmosphere.

Elegance Tiles

Design tip: Black is also a terrific accent color in a rose gold palette paired with neutrals. Here the curved black leather chair and black throw pillow create a nice contrast to the warm tones of the rose gold and neutral accents.

Greg Natale for Worlds Away

Classic navy. When paired with most colors, navy presents a classic, timeless palette, and that holds true for navy and rose gold. As is the case with black and even gray, the light-absorbing nature of navy allows the glowing essence of rose gold to radiate without looking brash or brassy.

Stoke Newington

Design tip: Less is always more when it comes to rose gold and a classic color like navy. In this navy bedroom, you can see how just one rose gold accessory — in this case, the light fixture — catches your eye but doesn’t altogether detract from the highly styled bed.

Battersea Apartment

Bright yellow. For a sunny palette, try partnering yellow with a splash of rose gold accessories. The golden undertones of the yellow will pull out more of the radiant nature of rose gold, creating a brilliant and fun palette. Any shade of yellow works fairly well with rose gold — it’s like pairing yellow and orange.

Memorial Park Modern

When pairing rose gold and yellow, opt for a neutral background. This photo shows a perfect example of how a neutral gray room is brightened with just a small dose of yellow in the form of throw pillows. The complementary rose gold pendants add just the right amount of glow to make a glam statement but not take over the entire room.

Design tip: Try adding a pale blue to your yellow-and-rose gold palette. A few pale blue accessories or a blue wall will tone down the yellow while still highlighting the rosy glow of your metal accessories.

Ratho, The Elliot

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