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There’s nothing quite like the feeling of having a crush. It quickens your heart, it lightens each step, and it makes your soul vibrate with nervous energy. It’s truly invigorating. Normally a crush is fleeting. But Apt2B has had a crush on Deny Designs for more than a year – and there’s no sign that this crush is ever going to end.

Kindred Spirits

We at Apt2B have made a name for ourselves by choosing to construct all of our sofas, sectionals, sleeper sofas, and upholstered beds right here in the USA. We have our factory right here in our hometown of Los Angeles! This commitment to local construction makes us fairly unique in the world of high end furniture. So when we found out that there was a company in Denver, Colorado named Deny Designs that was also hand-manufacturing its furniture, the sparks started flying immediately. One of our main goals at Apt2B is to offer as many Made in the USA products as possible. By partnering with Deny Designs we were able to significantly expand our Made in the USA offerings. The fact that they use solid materials was the icing on the cake.

Even More To Love

When we first started crushing on Deny Designs they were only offering items like credenzas and benches. Since then they’ve added a whole bunch of new items to their catalog – and we couldn’t be more excited about them! Apt2B is now happy to offer Deny Designs coffee tables, desks, and stools in addition to the credenzas and benches! This allows you to add even more color and fun to your living room, in addition to spreading the joy to your office and kitchen. These new products feature these same great artist patterns. This means you can keep the same theme going through multiple rooms in your home! It’s always exciting to see which new types of pieces Deny Designs is offering. It only makes our love for them grow even deeper.

Credenza by Three of the Possessed MODELE 7MARBLE COLLAGE WITH PINK Coffee Table by Emanuela CarratoniFIESTA 2 Counter Stool by Garima DhawanWITHIN THE TIDES CALYPSO Desk by Monika Strigel

Artist-Centric Design

If you spend any time browsing around Apt2B then you might notice a name that keeps popping up — Kyle Schuneman. Kyle is Apt2B’s resident designer. He helped us to design our product lines and to curate our entire collection of furniture. And Kyle, as a designer, is an artist at heart. Apt2B believes strongly in having art be at the center of home design. Deny Designs takes this idea even further. All of Deny Design’s pieces feature designs and patterns created by artists from all over the world. You can enjoy these artistic creations in all sorts of new and exciting ways. Art is often restricted and confined in home decor. It’s stuck on walls or on shelves. Deny Designs has made art a holistic presence in the home. Art can exist as a part of the furniture and the decor itself. This conjures an entirely different energy within the home that’s truly inspiring.

Why We Continue To Love Them

Apt2B is always working to bring brand new ideas and creations into the design world. We’ve had plaid sofas, tie-dye sofas, and most recently, floral sofas. Part of our passion is pushing the envelope for what’s possible within the world of home decor. Deny Designs shares this passion and even takes it to the next level. We love Deny Designs because they help us to realize and fulfill our own passion and potential. We push the envelope and then they push it even further. This is the type of relationship you always dream of having. And as long as Deny Designs keeps pushing, we’re going to continue to push with them.


Deny Designs has an undeniable allure. See for yourself with our entire collection of their furniture!


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