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Watch Kyle Schuneman’s insider design tips and tricks below on how to maximize the look and functionality of your furniture and decor!

Got a dresser, cabinet, or credenza that looks like it could use a vacation? This quick and easy trick will transform even your most tired-looking furniture into certified fresh, tropical treasures!


Start by choosing a kickass temporary tropical wallpaper. Tempaper Designs is one of the best names in the game. Their line of temporary wallpapers are easy to adhere to surfaces, don’t leave any damaging residues, and they’re also stylish as hell.

Step 1: Unscrew all the hardware from your furniture

Handles, knobs, and drawer pulls are only going to get in your way. Remove them with a screw driver so that you have a nice, smooth surface for applying your wallpaper. For best results you’ll need to wipe down the surface of the furniture. Don’t miss this step because temporary wallpaper adheres much better to a clean surface!

Step 2: Cut your first square of wallpaper

Your first square of wallpaper should be slightly larger than the surface area that you intend to cover. This gives you plenty of wiggle room when you apply the paper. It also ensures that the entire area is coated. Don’t worry if the wallpaper isn’t wide enough to cover the area you’re working with since the pattern will repeat and conceal any seams.

Step 3: Peel and stick

Applying the temporary wallpaper couldn’t be easier. Simply peel and stick! It’s an extremely forgiving material, so even if your first attempt is a little crooked you can peel it right back off and try again without any damage to your furniture.

Step 4: Smooth it out

Don’t worry if there are air bubbles in the wallpaper. Most air bubbles can be fixed by simply lifting and re-sticking the paper. You can also use a squeegee or other thin plastic object (even a credit card will do in a pinch) to help you keep things smooth while laying down the paper.

Step 5: Give it a shave

Use a razor blade or box cutter to cut a clean edge for the wallpaper. You can also use scissors but they’re not the ideal tool for the job. Careful not to cut through and damage your furniture!

Step 6: Rinse, wash, repeat

Line up the pattern and repeat the previous steps to finish wallpapering your furniture!

Extra Tip: Pour yourself a tropical drink to celebrate (don’t forget the mini umbrella!)

Be sure to take pictures of your finished furniture and send it to us using #2BHack and
#MakeItHome! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!


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