Urban sofa bed. Futon. Sofa bed. Convertible sofa. Click Clack (yes that’s real). These convenient sofa/bed hybrids go by many different names. No matter what you call them there’s no denying their versatility and functionality. But most people think that a futon won’t work in their modern home. Futons are only good for college dorm rooms, right? Wrong. If you haven’t checked out the urban sofa bed market since the dorm room days then you might be surprised by just how beautiful and downright perfect these pieces can be in your home. We also have more options to choose from than ever before! Take a look at our entire updated collection of urban sofa beds, futons, and click clacks.

Vasanta Urban Sofa Bed NATURAL

Urban Sofa Beds That Marry Form and Function

A futon is usually either functional and ugly or beautiful and uncomfortable. It’s extremely hard to find an option that has both functionality and a stylish form. Luckily we’ve taken the time to curate a collection of urban sofa beds that are contemporary, gorgeous, and have all the comfort you’d expect from Apt2B. Our futon and urban sofa bed collection features Mid-Century Modern styles, contemporary styles, and even a floral option. They also have unique mechanisms for use: some fold down, some pull out, and others transform with only a quick rearrangement of the cushions. These futons truly marry form and function into one unique sofa bed.

Ravenna Urban Sofa Bed DOVE

Hide A Futon In Plain Sight

Now you can finally have a futon that you won’t have to hide in the corner or tuck away in the office. You can proudly display these futons in the center of your room – and most people won’t even know they’re a sofa bed until you tell them. Even your most judgmental friends will be fooled (you know the ones I’m talking about). With so many options to choose from you can find an urban sofa bed that perfectly blends in with your space.

Sherman Urban Sofa Bed CHESTNUT | Sherman Urban Sofa Bed MIDNIGHT BLUE

Serious Space Savers

We at Apt2B offer a huge variety of sofa beds and sleeper sectionals. However, not every home has enough space to allow for an entire fold-out mattress and mechanism. That’s where our selection of urban sofa beds come in. These sleeper options require far less space in order to provide the sleeping function. In most cases an urban sofa bed is only a little wider in its bed formation than it is in its sofa formation. This convenient aspect allows an urban sofa bed to squeeze into far more spaces than a traditional sleeper sofa.

Amalfi Urban Sofa Bed PEBBLE GREY

Ready to Click Clack?

It’s time to rethink your perception of the futon. It’s not just for the college dorms anymore. Check out our entire collection of urban sofa beds, futons, and click clacks available at Apt2B!

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