The airy crispness of fresh white bedding feels especially welcome in the warmer months of the year, when we’re all just trying to stay cool. These 10 popular new bedroom ideas on Houzz – as measured by the number of people who’ve saved them to their Houzz ideabooks from April to June – show the many ways to win with white bedding, in styles from breezy and romantic to clean and contemporary.

1. High-Contrast

Black and white make a classic winning pair, and this high-contrast bedroom celebrates the color combination. Here, the black accent wall sets a backdrop so that the sheets really pop. A black headboard and lampshades recede into the background, as they blend in with the wall, allowing the bedding and gallery wall to stand out as the room’s focal points. A few straw-colored accessories warm up the space, which otherwise maintains the minimalist palette.

High contrast is great for white bedding

High contrast is great for white bedding

2. Nautical

Blues, tans and a range of textures all mix in this coastal-inspired East Coast bedroom. The white sheets give the eye a break from color and texture, with the navy blue piping along the edge of the duvet and pillowcases subtly tying in with the rest of the color palette and room style.

Nautical and white bedding are good together

Nautical: The color palette of a nautical theme are the perfect mate for white bedding

3. In Stitches

White bedding doesn’t have to be all anticolor and antipattern. In this Nashville, Tennessee, bedroom, for instance, visible gray thread running through the duvet and pillows accents the bedscape, along with the graphic throws, keeping with the otherwise neutral and solid-toned scheme while adding interest.

Stitching gives this white bedding character

In Stitches: Gray thread and texture are used to give this white bedding more character in an otherwise stark bedroom

4. Background Act

In this bedroom in Los Angeles, white bedding and a mostly white palette for the bed allow the beautiful blue-gray walls to stand out, highlighting them instead of pushing them to the background with a bolder and more graphic bedscape.

White bedding is good as a secondary color

5. Wood and White

It’s hard to go wrong with white and wood, and this bedroom executes that combination in a way that feels both cool and serene while also warm and full of life. The crisp white linens pop against the gray-toned wood walls and neutral bedding, making everything appear brighter without creating a stark, sterile appearance.

Contemporary bedroom design by san francisco design-build NOA Design + Construction

6. Cottage Casual

If casual summer could be a room, it would be this bedroom, capped off by the perfectly disheveled bed. The oversize white bedding pools on the ground around the low bed, contributing to a cool, effortless vibe and also doubling as a bedskirt.

White bedding is great for a cottage look

7. Tropical paradise

In this guest bedroom in Brooklyn, New York, ombré wallpaper and large potted trees, including a fiddleleaf fig, transport overnight visitors to a tropical locale. Baby-pink sheets blend in with the wallpaper, while the white comforter and pillows on top really highlight the accent wall without feeling too themed.

White bedding highlights tropical accents

Tropical: White bedding helps highlight the fun tropical accents in this bedroom

8. Geometric

In an otherwise colorful New York apartment, this bedroom is stripped down to white and gray, but not without a bit of flair. A charcoal accent wall painted on the diagonal picks up the colors of the throw pillows and blanket, feeling cool, contemporary and just a little edgy.

white bedding helps ground this geometric design

Geometric: The strong geometric accent in this space is not overwhelming thanks to the white bedding

9. Lightened Up

In this second room featuring the white-and-wood combination, white bedding plays a very different role, brightening and lightening the heavy wood bed. It also creates a break between the dark wood floors, wood ceiling and wood furniture.

Beach Style bedroom design by orange county architect Eric Aust Architect

10. Well-Tailored

White bedding is a great solution for a bedroom that you want to look put together but not stuffy or as if it’s trying too hard, as we see here. The black trim on the duvet nods to the same rectangular shapes on the wood-paneled walls and makes a great backdrop to introduce a patterned throw pillow.

White bedding is great for high end design

Written By: Annie Thornton, Houzz Editorial Staff

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