4 Tips For A Fun & Easy Super Bowl Party

The Super Bowl is this Sunday! Here are 4 tips to help you throw the perfect Super Bowl Sunday party without too much hassle!

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4 Tips For A Fun & Easy Super Bowl Party

1. Yummy Snacks!

There's no reason to overwhelm yourself on Game Day. Your focus should be on the game, not the food, but of course you want to have delicious snacks for you and your guests. Potlucks are a great way to remove some of the stress of cooking! Encourage your guests to bring snacks, but provide finger foods that are simple, but delicious! See our photo gallery for four great recipes!

2. Seating!

If you're having a party, you have to have seats for your guests! Sectionals are a great addition to your living space! They're perfect for movie nights in with the family and parties with friends!

3. Games for Non-Football Fans!

Not everyone is a fan of football, but that doesn't mean they can't have fun on game day! Bingo is a great way to add some fun competition for the non-sports fan and if you have kids at your party, try using these Super Bowl Word Scramblers!

4. Easy Clean-Up!

Unless you're Danny Tanner, not many people like to clean up. Especially after a big party. Here are a few tips to make clean up easier!

-Triple line your trash cans for easy take out!

-Line laundry baskets with trash bags for recycling!

-Have your guests write their names on solo cups to minimize waste!

At the end of the day, the best part of the Super Bowl (minus the commercials) is experiencing the game with your loved ones. You don't have to have expensive decorations and catered food to have a good time. We wish you a fun day filled with delicious food, easy clean up and a lot of laughs! 

4 Tips For A Fun & Easy Super Bowl Party - Photo Gallery

  • Kristy Petherbridge
Comments 5
  • Trish L.
    Trish L.

    Solo cup idea is genius- thank you! Let’s see if I can get everyone to participate or better yet, drink out of their own cup once the booze flows! Lol

  • SanjayD

    I love the tater tot skewer idea- I think that’s a fantastic party snack. Very efficient way to get potatoes and melty gross stuff into a gullet.

  • Felicia

    That dip looks tasty yo!

  • Max M.
    Max M.

    Triple lining my waste bucket is a great idea innit! Nice read, cheers!

  • Brenda


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