Sunday Funday is perhaps the finest cultural invention of this generation (sorry YOLO). Sundays used to be about church, calling your mom, and mentally preparing yourself for another week of soul-crushing work. But this generation has transformed Sunday into the most fun day of the week thanks to a “too-good-to-pass-up” rhyming scheme and an insatiable hunger for brunch and mimosas. And now Apt2B is getting in on the fun with Sunday Funday flash sales events! Here’s what it’s all about.

Sunday Funday: An Inevitable Pairing

Sun. Fun. These two ideas are intrinsically-linked in our culture. People have been using the phrases “fun in the sun” and “fun under the sun” since the invention of marketing and buzzwords. The rhyme scheme practically begs marketers to use it. You can’t make it through the summer season without seeing an advertisement for a local “Fun in the Sun Festival” that features a sun wearing sunglasses (why would the sun need to be wearing sunglasses anyway?). Whether it’s used as the slogan for a dog grooming convention or as the inspiration for an aspiring pop star’s summer anthem, we can’t escape the idea that we all need to be having fun in the sun. With this in mind it’s actually amazing that we didn’t come up with “Sunday Funday” sooner.

Sunday Funday: The Origin

It’s hard to pin down the exact origin for the phrase “Sunday Funday”. It’s been kicked around casually for decades, especially by that weird co-worker who’s always sending out e-mail invites to his Sunday BBQ. What we do know is that the ‘80s pop sensation The Bangles were one of the first cultural icons to reference “Sunday Funday” in their hit song ‘Manic Monday’. The lyrics to the chorus are “It’s just another manic Monday/ I wish it was Sunday/ ‘Cause that’s my fun day/ My I don’t have to run day/ It’s just another manic Monday.” But even they couldn’t quite coin the phrase “Sunday Funday,” though they were so close. Three decades later the term found new life as a way to promote bottomless mimosa brunches for all the millennials who were still hungover from Saturday night. Bottomless mimosas + social media + the hashtag #sundayfunday made for a delicious cocktail of cultural consumption.

Apt2B Sunday Funday Flash Sales

At Apt2B we love to have fun in the sun as much as the next person. That’s why we’re introducing a brand new series of Apt2B Sunday Funday Flash Sales every Sunday in June from 10AM to 8PM! Each week we’ll have a special category of products that are 50% off! Now every Sunday in June you’ll be able to drink too many mimosas, get an incredible deal on select products at Apt2B, and then forget that you drunkenly purchased them until they surprise you in the mail! I can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday Funday.

Our first Sunday Funday Flash Sale starts June 4th at 10AM! We’ll be taking 50% off lamps until 8PM! And be sure to check back next Sunday for even more savings!

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