Speed dating is a weekly series with some of our favorite brand evangelists. Today, our hot seat is big enough for two! We are thrilled to welcome Devin and Marlene of Outlined Cloth, a team of married fashion, travel, and lifestyle bloggers!

Outlined Cloth (@outlinedcloth) is Devin and Marlene: newlywed and ready for adventure.  They are fashion enthusiasts, photographers, tastemakers, and risk takers (well kind of; Devin’s knees wouldn’t stop shaking during a hot air balloon ride).  They like to laugh, love, and enjoy what this world has to offer.  We had them join us for our first couples round of Speed Dating!


man sitting on yellow chair next to woman sitting on ground reading a book

Round 1:
Lightning Round

Red or White?

What show are you currently binging?
BOTH: Westworld

If you could sing a duet with anyone, who would it be?
DEVIN: Bruno Mars
MARLENE: Lady Gaga

Favorite Color?
BOTH: Blue

Least favorite color?
MARLENE: Orange 

Lucky number?
BOTH: 7 (Jinks!)

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Round 2:

Bitcoin or Fitbit?
DEVIN: Bitcoin
MARLENE: Fitcoin

What do you collect, if anything?
DEVIN: Baseball cards

What’s the most embarrassing song we could find saved on your phone?
MARLENE: Something of me singing
DEVIN: Britney Spears 

What’s your favorite ice cream?
​BOTH: Rocky Road

What is your life’s motto?
DEVIN: Attitude is everything
MARLENE: Love to the fullest 

What is your walk-on song?
DEVIN: Celebration by Kool and the Gang
MARLINE: Celine Dion It’s All Coming Back to Me

man sitting in a yellow chair with a coffee cup

Round 3:
Don’t Even Go There…

If you could be on one reality show which one would it be?
MARLENE: Bar Rescue
DEVIN: Kardashian’s 

Springsteen or Jay-Z?

Stripes or solids?
MARLENE: Stripes
DEVIN: Solids 

Popcorn or candy?
DEVIN: Candy
MARLENE: Popcorn 

What’s your hidden talent?
DEVIN: Basketball
MARLENE: Voice inside my voice 

Who is your style icon?
DEVIN: Gosling
MARLENE: Jessica Alba 

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Round 4:
Sinner or Saint?

Who is the most famous person you follow on Twitter or instagram?
MARLENE: Reese Witherspoon
DEVIN: Magic Johnson

Who is the most famous person that follows you on Twitter or Instagram?
DEVIN: Jessica Alba unless she unfollowed me 

If you could have drinks with any 3 people, living or dead, who would they be?
DEVIN: Magic Johnson, Abe Lincoln, Jesus
MARLENE: Obama, Beyoncé, Harriet Tubman 

What is your favorite smell?
MARLENE: Brownies
DEVIN: Pine needles  

What is your biggest pet-peeve?
MARLENE: People in traffic
DEVIN: Dumb people  

What is your hometown?
DEVIN: Boulder, CO

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