Buying a sofa online isn’t exactly as easy as ordering with one-click on Amazon. Sofas are bigger, more expensive, and require a little more critical thinking before pulling the trigger. That’s why it’s important to understand exactly what it is that you’re buying. Apt2B offers dimensions on all of its sofas, whether they’re sectionals, sleepers, or apartment size. Understanding these dimensions is essential to making an informed decision about the sofa that’s right for you. The more you know about your future sofa’s dimensions, the easier it will be to feel confident with your decision.

Why Height Is the Most Important Dimension For Delivery

Will it fit? One of the biggest concerns customers have is whether or not the sofa that they’ve ordered will fit through their doorways. You might be surprised to learn that it’s actually the sofa’s height that’s the most important dimension to consider for delivery. If the height of the sofa is less than the width of your doorframe then the sofa will be able to fit through. For instance, the Melrose Sofa is 27″h. If you have a doorway wider than 27″w you’re all set! But what if you DO have a narrower doorway? You can always request to have the legs or base of your sofa removed for delivery when you place your order at Apt2B! Having the legs removed on the Melrose frees up another 3″ for the delivery team to work with. Even a sofa like the Avalon Sleeper Sofa can be delivered without the 5″h base attached as long as you let us know when you place your order! Depth and width are not significant factors. If you’re ordering a sectional then it’s important to know that the sectional will ship in two pieces and be attached once inside your home. Again, as long as the sofa’s height is smaller than the width of your doorway you should be all set! Also, keep in mind that the delivery team does this for a living – they can pull off some real magic! If you do have any questions or concerns then we definitely recommend reaching out to us at We’re always happy to help!

You might be surprised to learn that it’s actually the sofa’s height that’s the most important dimension to consider for delivery.

Height vs. Pillow Height

On several of our sofa models you might notice that there are two different dimensions for height. One of these is simply called the “height” and the other is referred to as “pillow height”. The “height” dimension is a measurement of the sofa frame’s height from the floor to the top of the frame. This is also the measurement that’s important for delivery. “Pillow height” on the other hand is the height of the sofa when the detachable back cushions are added. There are a number of Apt2B sofa models that feature back cushions that are a few inches taller than the back of the frame. These taller cushions help support more of your back and create a bit more of an upright sit.

Pacific Sofa in Cream | Marco 2pc Sectional RAF in Mountain Grey

Seat Height and Seat Depth

Seat height and seat depth are important measurements to understand if you want to find the most comfortable couch for your circumstances. Are you a shorter person whose feet never touch the floor when you’re on a sofa? Then you’ll want to choose a sofa with a shorter seat height and a shallower seat depth. The seat height is the measurement from the floor to the top of the seat cushion and the seat depth is the measurement from the front of the seat cushion to the spot where your back will rest against the back cushion. Don’t confuse “seat depth” with “depth”. “Depth” refers to the total depth of the sofa from the very front to the very back of the frame. A standard seat height is about 20” high. A standard seat depth is about 23” deep. If you’re a taller person or someone who likes to curl up on their sofa then consider a sofa with a deeper seat.

Width vs. Seating Width

Apt2B does not list the seating width as a dimension on its sofa product pages. However, it is an important measurement to understand and it’s quite easy to determine this dimension once you know how. The total width of a sofa is a measurement from the outside of the arm all the way to the outside of the other arm. The seating width of a sofa is the total width of the sofa minus the width of each arm. Take the Logan Sofa as an example. The total width of the Logan Sofa is 77” wide. It features arms that are each 4” wide. That means the total seating width is 69” wide (77-8). You can also use this information to help you figure out how wide each cushion is for our multi-seat sofas. The Logan Sofa features two seat cushions. This means that each seat cushion is 34.5” wide (77/2). You can find this number by dividing the seating width by the number of cushions.

Saxon Sofa in Blush Velvet | Melrose Sofa in Cobalt Velvet

Extra Tip: Map Out the Dimensions With Tape

Having a hard time determining just how large your future sofa will be? Map it out with tape! Take a roll of masking tape or painter’s tape (skip the duct tape unless you want marks on your floor) and make a diagram of your sofa right on the floor with all the dimensions included. This will provide you with a great visualization for how much space your new sofa will occupy in your home.

Feeling more confident about your future sofa purchase? Check out all of your options on Apt2B!

Now that you’ve had a chance to choose the perfect sofa for your space it’s time to decide on the fabric. And you’re in luck because Apt2B just introduced a whole new collection of fabrics. With so many amazing choices you’re sure to find your new favorite fabric.

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