If walls could talk… you would want them to have a sexy accent. So why not give them one? The accent wall was all the rage several years ago, but instead of fading from the spotlight they’ve found a way to reinvent themselves – and they look better than ever.

This Isn’t A Bad Accent

Remember when Prince (RIP) changed his name to an indecipherable symbol? That was the type of reinvention that didn’t do anyone any favors. Suddenly everyone had to say “The Artist Formerly Known As Prince” – and that’s far too many syllables for any one man’s name. The point is that there are good reinventions and bad reinventions. And accent walls are currently undergoing their own reinvention. But this is one of the good ones. People are finding new and interesting ways to create accent walls and also new ways to make them work in their homes. The new accent wall style is sophisticated, eye-catching, and cool.

You’re Going To Suggest Wallpaper, Aren’t You?

Yes. I am going to suggest wallpaper. And you know why? Because modern wallpaper is amazing. And people are starting to realize that it’s the perfect way to create an accent wall in their homes. Modern wallpaper is easy to apply, doesn’t leave any residue on the walls, and people have gotten insanely creative with the prints that are now available. You can use wallpaper to create a subtle pattern on your accent wall or you can use it to make a strong visual statement. Art Deco, paisley, retro diamonds, and clean lines are all great patterns for an accent wall that wallpaper can easily provide. Wallpaper is an inexpensive way to style an accent wall and these days it can be easily removed, which is great news for those of us with commitment issues.

Paint Your Own Accent Wall Patterns

Not sold on wallpaper? Fair enough. Paint has – and always will be – the best- looking, most professional way to create an accent wall in your home. Forget about painting one wall of your living room bright orange, though – that’s the old accent wall style. The new accent wall style is all about incorporating interesting patterns into the design. Introducing interesting patterns to your accent wall will help create a thematic and artistic sensibility to your space. An ombré accent wall is a subtle and impactful way to bring color and style to your home. For a more minimal approach, you can use a gold paint pen and a stencil to transform a blank white wall into a stunning accent wall with a simple repeating pattern. Do you have a piece of statement art on your walls? Make the colors, lines, or shapes from the painting inform your accent wall design. Do this right and your whole accent wall will become a work of art.

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