None of my friends or family really know what I do. Everyone knows that I work a lot and knows about Apt2B but doesn’t really understand everything that goes into Apt2B. My business partner, Mat, knows because he lives a similar insane life to mine. A swirling tornado of furniture, technology, and interesting people. Oh, and stress. Tons of that too. Somehow, I’m about 20% younger than Mat and have about 100% more grey hairs… go figure #justformen.
picture of two men

Alex & Mat, circa 2012

So, here we are. We’ve made it. And by making it, of course, I mean we are still in business seven years later. We’ve created a company that we love, that provides for our families and those of a number of others. We’ve lasted 7 years and are still friends, depending on the day. It’s something we’re actually really proud of- relationships are hard! Business-wise, Mat and I have never lost sight of what has brought Apt2B to where it is now; the amazing people on our team and the incredible partners we’ve had along the way. Everyone has contributed and has been part of the journey.
In fact, that, in and of itself, is something that we’re really proud of and speak about internally all the time: personal responsibility. It’s the backbone of our company culture. Everyone has an important role and there isn’t a person on our team who isn’t making an immeasurable impact to the growth of our business daily. To be able to maintain that, everyone is heavily relied upon to get their s#*t done right. And we do. From labeling our free fabric swatches to handling issues with nationwide delivery (yes, things sometimes go wrong), to developing new product lines and collections, Team2B brings the heat daily.
But, at the beginning and end of every conversation, the real lifeblood of Apt2B is you, our customer. You guys are what makes our weird world go ’round at 2B headquarters. If it weren’t for you, we’d still be just two guys with a dream and a bottle of Just For Men. Thank you for your continued support of Apt2B over the past 7 years. Mat and I still look at every single order that comes through our virtual doorways and appreciate every last credenza.
We’ve been able to accomplish so much since 2011; the simple act of starting a business in the midst of a recession likely being the biggest hurdle of them all. I wrote this to reflect and say thanks to those who have helped along the way, even though it may come off as a humblebrag2B. Re-reading the above, however, it’s hard not to be proud of what we’ve built and how far we’ve come. We look forward to what the future holds; we shall continue to aspire as you continue to inspire us and give back when we can.
Much love,
Alex (and Mat)
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