Resident Apt2B Designer, Kyle Schuneman, shares his tips for those post-holiday blues!

The holidays in December are always such a busy and festive time. The house is full of people, food, and decorations and you start to get used to your packed home.  But as Christmas comes to a close and it is time to pack away the tree and stockings, the post-holiday blues can really hit you. Your house can feel empty and sad but here is what I do to combat that!

I always like to go into January with a plan for redecorating my space so it doesn’t just feel like “after” the holidays. This year I went for a chic “Winter January” vibe.  After all it’s still winter and it’s fun to embrace that.  I even keep a few things from Christmas like my white tree candles, some simple pine greens and branches because when you take away the red and green they can really stand on their own as just Winter elements.

For my color palette I went with a really striking black and white scheme.  You can never go wrong with this timeless pattern and I think it really lends itself to winter. It also feels so different than Christmas that the contrast gets your brain into a New Year New You mood!

I like to get a few “new things” like a couple of pillow covers and a fun vase before Christmas for this January time so that after the Holidays I have some fresh things to look forward to. Like a little Christmas gift to yourself!

The key to a successful black and white scheme is to make sure the space is still layered. Sometimes people can get too caught up in the palette and turn it into a theme room right out of Beetlejuice! Mix woods, shades of greys and camel to soften the look.  Even Crouton approves!

Crouton says “happy new year!”

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