Winter is officially a distant memory. No longer will phrases like “polar vortex,” bomb cyclone,” or “snowmageddon” burden you. Brrrr. I’m getting cold just thinking about it! Thankfully the sun is starting to shine, the days are getting longer, and that can only mean one thing – it’s time to hang out poolside. So grab your swimsuit, your sunscreen, and your shades. It’s time to dive into our Summer Color Combo – Poolside & Pink Lemonade!


Did we just make up this color? We did. Did you instantly know exactly the color we were talking about? You sure did! There’s no summer color that’s quite as iconic as the shimmering, crystalline surface of a chlorinated pool. Can you imagine anything more inviting on a hot summer day? This Poolside color is bright, vibrant, fun, and invigorating – everything a pool should be. Poolside also has an exotic flair to it. It calls to mind images of the tropics, summer vacations from your youth, and high end luxury. It’s a color of desire. Ask almost anyone and they’ll tell you that owning a pool is one of their dreams. Incorporate this Poolside color into your home decor for a splash of that life.

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Pink Lemonade

Pink Lemonade is the color of fun, plain and simple. You’re not allowed to describe yourself as a “fun person” unless you also list Pink Lemonade as one of your favorite colors. It’s a bold, adventurous color that’s not for the timid or the faint of heart. It exudes a sense of personality that few other colors can truly capture. It’s explosive, electrifying, eye-catching, and exciting. It’s a color that can define an entire space in one simple stroke. However, Pink Lemonade can also play well with others. Used in tasteful amounts, Pink Lemonade can be a fierce accent that helps bring a room to life. This shockingly sweet color is undeniably a color of summer.

Scott 2pc L-Sectional in CHICAGO BLUE | Monroe 3pc Sectional in PINK LEMONADE | Weaver Ceramic Garden Stool TEAL | Richard Blanco UNFOLDING ELEGANCE

Poolside & Pink Lemonade

Individually these colors pack a punch. But put them together and you have an unstoppable combo. This is in part due to the fact that the base colors of Poolside and Pink Lemonade are cyan and magenta. These are two of the three colors that make up the CMY (cyan, magenta, yellow) color triangle. These three colors can be combined to create the full range of visible colors in a “subtractive” method. Do these colors seem familiar? That’s because they’re the three colors used for ink printers! This strong color profile allows Poolside and Pink Lemonade to work individually as well as they do when combined. They’re both sharp, bright, and create a pop in any space. Imagine a cold glass of Pink Lemonade resting on the edge of a blindingly blue pool – both colors are enhanced by the presence of the other. And that’s the type of relationship you want with your colors.

In Your Home Decor

Poolside and Pink Lemonade can quickly overwhelm a space. That’s why it’s important to be deliberate with your use of this color combo. Try to keep the rest of your color scheme and decor minimal if you plan on using Pink Lemonade or Poolside as your primary color. For instance, if you choose a Pink Lemonade sofa then don’t choose a bunch of other items that are also Pink Lemonade. Same goes for Poolside! These colors work best in a room with white walls or light wood tones that keep things feeling airy and open. A great way to combine these colors is by using one color for the sofa and one color for the toss pillows. Or one color for the area rug. You can then tie the theme together with wall art or with one of our artistic Deny Designs pieces. Any more than that and you risk overwhelming the room.

poolside and pink lemonade summer combo saying with a pool in background

Love the Look?

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