Moving. It’s an aspect of modern life that fills people with a sense of absolute dread and despair. Packing, loading, hauling, unpacking, assessing how many items broke in the process, learning that your partner didn’t find it necessary to label their boxes, etc etc. While all of this is true, there’s always a silver lining. Moving offers a blank slate. It offers a chance to reinvent yourself and your new space. It can signify a new and exciting phase in your life! Now’s the time to treat yo self to a new sofa for your new home. We’ll make it easy by explaining the best types of sofa for your new, as well as the dimensions you’ll need to know to determine if it’s going to fit through the front door (or all the way to the top of your Brooklyn walkup).

Apartment Size Sofa – Perfect For A New York Studio

New York City is full of historic and gorgeous Brownstones on tree-lined streets with grand stoops and even grander amenities. But you won’t be living in those. You’ll be living in an apartment across the river that’s better-suited for hobbits than it is for full-size adults. This is where the Apartment Size Sofa comes in. To best maximize your space you’ll need a sofa that fits the scale of your home. The Apartment Size Sofa is ideal for spaces where space is measured in inches, not feet. Apartment Size Sofas are small enough to squeeze into tight spaces, but also large enough to accommodate two or more people. If you’re moving to a small apartment then the Apartment Size Sofa is going to be an essential piece of furniture for your new lifestyle.

The most important dimension when it comes to squeezing a sofa through a doorway is actually the sofa’s height

Standard Sofa – The Jack-Of-All-Trades

It’s hard to go wrong with the standard Sofa. It’s been a mainstay of the living room furniture scene since, well, the invention of the living room. Tried and true. Battle-tested. Ready for anything. The standard Sofa works in a variety of settings ranging from large homes down to small apartments. It’s not so large that it dominates a space, but it’s also not so small that it loses its most basic function – providing enough seating for you and your family. If you need to anchor a room in your new home then the standard Sofa is a great place to start. You can scale up or down from there. Pair your Sofa with an Apartment Size Sofa to create a fully-realized seating area. Use two side chairs on either side of your Sofa to punctuate and populate your space. The standard Sofa is great for those with commitment issues, too. Sectionals require you to choose a side for the chaise. The Sofa won’t restrict you when you move to a new space.

The Sectional – The King of the Sofas

A Sectional is the big leagues. If you’re getting a Sectional then it’s likely that your living room has now taken on the title of “family room”. The Sectional is great for new homes that require lots of seating, but also for homes that feature open-floor designs. A Sectional is large enough to create the ‘idea’ of a wall so as to separate a living room from a dining room or a kitchen in an open-floor home. This makes it a very valuable tool if you’re moving into a home where you’ll need to fill a lot of open space. The popularity of Sectionals seems to mirror the increase in TV size. It makes sense – the bigger the TV the bigger the sofa. A Sectional will help keep your large TV in scale with the rest of the room. Sectionals can also help you bring attention to unique architectural features like a bay window or a unique built-in bookshelf. Choosing the side of the chaise on a Sectional is a permanent decision so make sure that you choose the appropriate side for your new place! This also means that a Sectional might not be the best idea if you’re planning on moving again anytime soon.

Brentwood 2pc Sectional RAF in Rhino | Melrose 3pc Sectional RAF in Charcoal

The Sleeper Sofa – Crashing In Style

Sleeper Sofas offer some of the best bang for your buck of any piece of home furniture. Why get a sofa and a bed when you can get two-in-one? The Sleeper Sofa is unique in that it can be the perfect choice for your small apartment or it can provide your large home with another guest bedroom. Remember that studio apartment from earlier? If you really need to maximize your space then you can use the Sleeper Sofa as your main bed and your main sofa. It’ll save you money and it will save you precious, precious space. If you’re moving into a small apartment then the Sleeper Sofa might be your golden ticket. If you have the luxury of a larger space then choosing a Sleeper Sofa for your new home will provide you with lots of flexibility when guests stay over. Keep in mind that a Sleeper Sofa weighs quite a bit more than a standard Sofa. If you’re moving into that New York studio then you’re going to want to hire movers – or hit the gym. Apt2B sleeper sofas come standard with a 5.5″ Deluxe Innerspring Mattress w/ Pillow Top, but you also have the choice of an upgraded Memory Foam Mattress!

Avalon Queen Size Sleeper Sofa | Catalina 2pc Sleeper L-Sectional

OK But Will It Fit Through The Front Door?

So you want to order a new Apt2B sofa but have no idea if it’s going to actually fit through your front door. At least you had the good sense to think of this before the delivery team showed up with your new sleeper sectional! Thankfully it’s quite easy to determine whether or not your new Apt2B sofa will fit through your doorway. The most important dimension when it comes to squeezing a sofa through a doorway is actually the sofa’s height. If the sofa’s height is less than the width of your doorway you shouldn’t have any problem whatsoever! For instance, the Melrose Sofa is 27″h. If you have a doorway wider than 27″w you’re all set! But what if you DO have a narrower doorway? You can always request to have the legs or base of your sofa removed for delivery when you place your order at Apt2B! Having the legs removed on the Melrose frees up another 3″ for the delivery team to work with. Even a sofa like the Avalon Sleeper Sofa can be delivered without the 5″h base attached as long as you let us know when you place your order! Our 2 piece sectionals are also, as their name implies, delivered in two pieces. No need to worry about fitting a giant sectional through a doorway in one piece. Also, keep in mind that the delivery team does this for a living – they can pull off some real magic! If you do have any questions or concerns then we definitely recommend reaching out to us at We’re always happy to help!

Final Thoughts

Moving soon? Follow this sofa advice and check out all of Apt2B’s different selections of Apartment Size Sofas, Sofas, Sectionals, Sleeper Sofas, and now Sectional Sleeper Sofas! There’s something for everyone and every space.

This post was updated in March 2018 to include information about delivery dimensions

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