The swaying of the palm trees, the lapping of the waves, the pina colada in your hand – nothing is more relaxing. But there’s no need to wait for that long overdue Caribbean vacation to get your island fix. That’s because the tropical home decor trend is as fresh as a hand-picked pineapple right now (are pineapples hand-picked?)

The Palm Frond Is The King Of The Jungle

Tropical decor is making big waves this season but it’s the palm frond (the leafy green part of the palm tree) that’s doing all the heavy lifting. Everything about the palm frond is appealing – it’s lush, it’s verdant, it’s fun, it’s quirky, and a little bit of it goes a long way (like a shot of good tequila). If you’re not ready to wallpaper your home with a palm frond pattern (though you really should), then you can always incorporate this certified fresh look with palm frond throw pillows, artwork, or (I know this might sound crazy) with an actual potted palm plant!

Tiki Doesn’t Have To Be Tacky

I get it. It’s not easy to separate the idea of tropical decor from those tacky Tiki bars where the drinks look like Edible Arrangements, the borderline-offensive glassware is shaped like Polynesian idols, and the aging clientele could stand to button the top button on their loud Hawaiian shirts. That is not what the modern tropical trend is all about. The modern version of this trend has taken lots of notes and cues from the minimalism playbook. Again, a little bit goes a long way (like a second shot of good tequila). Avoid busy patterns and loud colors. Keep things calm and serene with muted pinks, splashes of green, plenty of white, and chic gold accents. Throw in a little wicker or rattan for texture and you’ll have a real oasis in no time.

The Devil’s In The Details

Say it with me this time – a little bit goes a long way (no, we’re not having a third shot of tequila). Use tropical accents to your advantage to give any space an extra burst of life. Kitchens, half bathrooms, living rooms, and even the bedroom can benefit from small additions of tropical decor. Gold is the accent color of choice for modern tropical decor. When there’s an entire business dedicated to selling golden pineapples on the Internet then you know you’re dealing with a bonafide trend. Texture is also an important aspect of tropical decor. Bamboo, woven mats, and rattan offer the raw texture of the tropics while keeping the colors light and beachy. Pair your textures with palm frond greens, pops of glittering gold, and a dash of rose quartz for a killer cocktail of tropical decor.

Take The Tropical Trend Everywhere You Go

Home decor trends and fashion trends often go hand in hand with one another. The tropical trend is no different. This year the runways were overflowing with palm frond prints, cheeky pinks, and billowing dresses. The palm frond might be the most popular print on the runway, but the flamingo is a close second. Flamingo pink is the perfect companion to palm frond green and pineapples. You can see this trend blooming in the world of fashion (yes, even on Dolce & Gabbana purses!). This marriage of fashion and home decor means that no matter where you are you’ll always be on the beach.

Palm fronds, pink flamingos, and pineapples – oh my! The tropical trend is still heating up so now’s the time to dive in!

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