Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah or hue-gah), is the secret to a happy life – just ask the Danish! They spend 8 months of the year in a wintry apocalypse yet they’re still the happiest people on Earth. And it’s all thanks to hygge. Here’s why!

Hygge Is A Hug From Your Home

The Danish term “hygge” doesn’t have a direct translation in English, but its closest related words are “coziness” and “contentment”. It originated from the medieval Norwegian term “hugga”, which means “to comfort” or “to console”. Do you see where I’m going with this? In English “hygge” can be literally translated as “hug” – or rather – the feeling associated with a hug. Hugs are cozy. Hugs are comfortable. And hugs are best when both parties consent.

Hygge Is A State Of Mind

The cozy lifestyle is about more than wool socks and coffee (but those parts are absolutely essential). It’s about being present in the moment and appreciating the small joys in your life. In other words, hygge is the feeling of warmth you experience when wearing the wool socks and it’s the appreciation of the coffee itself (not to mention all that sweet, sweet caffeine). Winters in Denmark are brutal. Like, the-sun-barely-even-gets-above-the-horizon-between-October-and-March brutal. And when things are that bleak people start to appreciate all the little things that bring them joy – candles, warm blankets, a good book, friends, family, Netflix, etc. That’s hygge – learning to recognize and appreciate all the warmth that radiates from the small joys in your life.

Hygge It Out

Sure, this idea of coziness is a state of mind, but it also requires a certain type of environment to be effective. You’re not gonna feel very cozy in a concrete parking structure – I don’t care how many hand-knit scarves you’re wearing. To acquire the hygge lifestyle you still need to surround yourself with the elements that bring you joy. Fluffy throw pillows, cushy poufs, hardwood furniture, the perfect reading chair, a desk for writing letters – all hygge. A great way to highlight this comfy design is to keep your decor minimalist. Natural wood, white walls, and sharp lines all bring out the hygge in your home. Another essential component is lighting. Firelight, candles, and warm-colored lamps are critical.  Set the right mood and you’ll immediately start to feel the hygge warmth.

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To see the full Hygge For Minimalists collection click here.

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