When it comes to house plants, some people have a green thumb while other people have… the kiss of death. Sound like you? Then check out this guide for choosing house plants that are low maintenance, look beautiful, and actually make your air fresher!

Succulents That Won’t Suck Up All Your Time

Need a low maintenance house plant? You can’t get much lower than succulents. Need to get out of dodge for a month because your ex found your new address? Your succulent’s going to look just as good when you get back as it did the day you skipped town. Here are a few succulents to consider.

Aloe: Yes, the same plant your mother is always telling you is best for treating sunburns is actually an amazing house plant, too. It stays a nice and compact size, it has clean lines that are perfect in a modern home, and it only needs to be watered every couple of weeks. Ironically (or not – the word ‘ironic’ doesn’t mean anything anymore) Aloe requires lots of sun to stay healthy. No sunscreen required.

Snake Plant: Also lovingly referred to as “Mother-In-Law’s Tongue”, the Snake Plant gets its name from its tall, spiky leaves. Unlike your mother-in-law you’ll actually want this plant in your home. Its thick, waxy leaves grow to be very tall but they do not spread out. They create a nice, uniform look. The Snake Plant is unique in that it absorbs CO2 and releases oxygen at night, rather than during the day. This makes them a great plant for the bedroom. They also don’t require much light or much watering.

Hang ‘Em High: Cascading Vines

Need a lot of plant and need it right now? These traditional, vine-y house plants are the ticket. They hardly need any attention but they grow like crazy. Whether you put ‘em on a shelf or hang ‘em in a corner you’ll have beautiful, full foliage in a month.

Philodendron: The philodendron is a true workhorse plant. It doesn’t have any flowers, but its beautiful leaves are all it needs to get the job done. There are solid green and also golden variegated varieties. There’s even a version with heart-shaped leaves – how adorable is that? The philodendron grows long vines with full leaves in a very short amount of time. They make for perfect shelf plants where they have plenty of room to drape. If a vine gets too long all you have to do is give it a quick little snip. They need a little water every few days and a medium amount of light.

English Ivy: You know your plant is a badass when it’s been rated by NASA as the best air-purifying plant for homes. That’s right. NASA said it so it must be true (but don’t take our word for it – read more about the study HERE courtesy of our friends at Groom & Style). Sure, English Ivy sounds like the nickname for a lady in a nursing home, but can that lady absorb formaldehyde that’s in the air and purify it? I sure hope not. But English Ivy can. It has smaller leaves than the philodendron and has an overall busier look due to its green and white foliage. English Ivy needs medium sun and a little bit of water every few days.

 Trees That Are Totally Trending

Why settle for #basic house plants when you could have an indoor tree instead? I totally agree. These indoor trees are #trending right now and there’s a good reason why.

Dracaena: Bigger is better. And the dracaena is big. Like, ‘can grow to ceiling height’ big. Granted, it could take several years before that happens, but it’s going to look gorgeous all along the way. The dracaena grows similarly to bamboo, which means that it will grow in nice, upright stalks. New leaves will bloom from the top of the stalks and the cycle begins again. It’s the perfect corner plant because it will fill the space with its large, variegated leaves without spilling over into the rest of the room. This guy will certainly gulp down lots of water, but it doesn’t need to be watered very often. The biggest chore with the dracaena is dusting its leaves! Make sure the dracaena has a good amount of sunlight to keep it happy.

Fiddle Leaf Fig: The fiddle leaf fig is totally instagram famous right now. Every celebrity and celebutante (I may have just made that word up) has a fiddle leaf fig in their home and all over their instagram feed. That’s because it’s perfect for the minimalist home. It has big, thick leaves without ever feeling bushy, it has a thin, unobtrusive trunk, and its size can be easily maintained. It’s a truly beautiful tree that you won’t need to water terribly often. Wait for the soil to completely dry between waterings. The fiddle leaf fig loves sun so make sure it gets lots of it.

The benefits to having house plants are endless: they’re gorgeous, go well with every style, keep your home’s air fresh and healthy, and I’m sure some scientist has written some essay about how they reduce stress (they have). So go ahead and bring a little bit of green into your homes (or your showers)!


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