Spring flowers aren’t the only things in full bloom right now. Floral print fabrics are sprouting up all over the place, be it in the world of fashion, artwork, or interior design. The flower has never had more power. All it takes is a quick flip through a magazine, a peek into a clothing store, or catching a bit of a commercial on TV for you to notice that this floral trend is blowing up. Big floral prints are back and better than ever – your grandma’s old-fashioned wallpaper has never been cooler.

Tropical Paved The Way For Floral

A year ago tropical prints and tropical accessories were all the rage. Pineapples, palm fronds, tiki drinks, and pink-and-green patterns were absolutely dominating instagram feeds. We at Apt2B were all over this trend, too. It still looks great! The only problem is that tropical prints require a certain type of home to pull off. And the vast majority of people do not have a home suitable for giant palm leaf patterns all over their walls and furniture. That’s where the floral print comes in. It has the same hip, striking vibe as the tropical trend, but it tends to work in almost every home. This greater flexibility makes floral prints an instant winner in our book. Tropical prints can make it seem like you’re trying to transform your home into a cabana. Flowers are more common, which means that a flower print will be able to blend in and accentuate your existing decor.

‘60s Retro Is The Way To Go

When we’re talking about a “floral print” we don’t just mean any old pattern that has flowers on it. We’re talking big, vintage, eyebrow-raising patterns that haven’t been seen since you visited your Aunt Doris’ house in the ‘60s. These patterns, long considered to be the gaudiest prints in existence, have reemerged as the most fashionable prints around. You might say that these are fresh blooms from old roots. The bigger the flowers, the busier the patterns, and the brighter the colors the better. This style has been all over the runways at this year’s fashion shows from designers like Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci. The more audacious the pattern the more this style flourishes. It’s a wonderful pattern for wallpaper, furniture, and upholstery because it’s an attention grabber and a conversation starter.

Dolce & Gabbana Printed Silk Dress | Dolce & Gabbana Printed Chiffon Jumpsuit | Gucci Flora Snake Print Silk Dress

April Showers Bring May Flowers…

… And May Flowers bring great home decor finds for your home! Apt2B has an entire May Flowers Collection that will help you incorporate floral, tropical, and other trendy patterns into your home. This collection features some of our absolutely gorgeous artist-designed credenzas, a fabulous selection of toss pillows and rugs, and some truly stunning artwork. Apt2B also offers the entire color spectrum of paint colors from Colorhouse paints! Match your floral-themed May Flowers decor with one of these stylish Colorhouse paint colors! This curated collection of spring and floral-themed items is the perfect way to dip your toes into these bold styles. Fair warning – once you pick one flower you’re not going to want to stop until you’ve got a whole bouquet.

Burcu Korkmazyurek FLORAL AND FLAMINGO PATTERN | Colorhouse Paint | Poplar Toss Pillow MAGENTA | ABSTRACT GEOMETRICAL FLOWERS Bench by Marta Barragan Camarasa

Our Bloom Collection

We know a good trend when we see one – and this floral print phenomenon is one of the good ones. It also happens to be the perfect pattern for our built-to-order upholstery sofas! Our brand new Apt2B Bloom Collection goes all-in on this retro-cool style. Our Saxon Sofa Collection is now available in both our Bloom and our Midnight Bloom fabrics! These two new fabrics are a celebration of the floral print. Our Bloom fabric is a soft white color with beautiful greenery, vines, and flowers. Our Midnight Bloom fabric has a dark background that really accentuates the contrasting colors on the flowers. Both of these floral prints add drama and visual interest to a space! We even have some beautiful new toss pillows in case you’re not quite ready to upholster your whole sofa in a floral print.

Final Thoughts

Get in on this trend before it wilts! Pluck this floral print while it’s still fresh. Here’s how!

The Apt2B Bloom Collection

The Apt2B May Flowers Collection

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