If you’ve checked instagram in the last few weeks then you’ve undoubtedly noticed a recurring theme – everyone is at a music festival! Yes, summer music festival season is in full swing. Coming up we’ve got Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, The Governor’s Ball, and probably two dozen more that I’m too old to know about. Sure, lots of people go to music festivals just to update their social media profile pics, but there’s actually a certain energy at a festival that you can’t find anywhere else. There’s an intangible spirit of communion with music, friends, and overpriced food. This energy can make it difficult to return to your boring old home after the festival wraps up. But what if there were a way to bring the music festival spirit back home with you? Now you can with Apt2B’s brand new Festival Furniture Collection!

What Exactly Is Music Festival Furniture?

Festivals are an explosion of fashion, art, and design. And yes, the fashion world has taken notice. Places like Forever 21 and Roxy have fully embraced the idea that the festival world has its own sense of style. The prevailing theme for “festival fashion” is bohemian, breezy, and just a little bit bougie. Desert chic vibes, tribal prints, and rompers are also par for the course. These same themes and designs apply to the world of home decor and furniture! BoHo Chic has been a popular home decor trend since the 1960s, and festival fever has brought it back to the forefront. Items like artistic credenzas (perfect for your vinyl collection), inspiring artwork, and unconventional seating arrangements help to capture the essence of the festival spirit. It’s all about engendering a good time in your space. This means a space that’s relaxing, comfortable, and designed for groups of fellow free spirits.

Glamping Isn’t Just For the Festival Campground

Glamping (read: glamorous camping) is the only way to live at a music festival. This isn’t your ordinary weenies and s’mores style camping. This the way the royal family goes camping. We’re talking sheer curtains, rugs, lounge furniture, and feather beds. This style looks incredible at the festival campground, and it also looks great in your home! This laid back look can help create the carefree atmosphere in your home that you’ll find at the festival. Apt2B sofas with plush, down-wrapped cushions are a great centerpiece for this decor style. The Saxon King Size Chair is the perfect example! Other pieces like the Capri Rattan Side Chair, the Swift Ceramic Garden Stool, and the Bancroft Faux Fur Accent Chair round out the seating options for the festival look.

Saxon King Chair in BLUSH | Capri Rattan Side Chair | Swift Ceramic Garden Stool TANGERINE | Bancroft Faux Fur Accent Chair NAVY/GOLD

Festival Accessories

The most important part of any festival fashion is the accessories. You have to have a strong accessory game to get any sort of recognition at a festival. That’s why wild purses, temporary tattoos, flower crowns, and costume jewelry are so important to the look. This same sense of accessorizing also factors into your festival home decor look! Gold is the dominant color of festival jewelry, which just so happens to align with current home decor trends, too! Geometric designs are also an important festival design theme. You’ll also find tassels. On everything. The more tassels the better when it comes to festival fashion! And if you think you have too many pillows then you’re wrong. You can never have too many pillows for festival fashion.

Credenza by Fimbis CELEBRATION | Vanern Toss Pillow | Tonic Wall Clock by Cloudnola | Rondure Round Table Lamp

Keep The Festival Spirit Alive!

Don’t let the festival spirit slip away from you! Keep it alive all year long by incorporating elements of festival fashion into your own home decor.

Check out our full Festival Furniture Collection only available at Apt2B!

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