Being a Los Angeles company it can be hard to tell when the summer heat ends and the fall heat begins.  We have to rely on the reemergence of the Pumpkin Spice Latte, clothing stores pushing their cardigans and coats, and Halloween decorations spreading through CVS stores like the plague. We might not know a whole lot about autumn as a season, but we definitely know the hottest fall decor trends to keep an eye on. And believe us when we say that you’re going to fall in love.

Keep It Crisp and Cool

Fall is notorious for crisp and cool jacket weather. Bring this same invigorating energy into your own home by focusing on cool and cold tones. Powder blues, neutral grays, and concrete surfaces are going to make a big impact this season. Choose blue as a primary color and let your grays soften the look. Or go the opposite route if you prefer a more toned down look. Either option works extremely well in a variety of home settings so you won’t need a sleek loft to pull off this style. Try introducing a little texture and visual interest by using concrete as an accent. Concrete is a very cold material but it’s easy to warm up with other home decor elements.

Cloudnola Structure Wall Clock | Huston Area Rug | Samson Sofa Lounger in STONE

Cozy Up With Velvet

Velvet is the absolute hottest trend in home decor right now. And the good news is that it’s perfect for colder weather. Velvet is soft, plush, and super cozy. You’ll want to spend all day snuggling up on a velvet sofa or using velvet toss pillows. It also happens to be incredibly glamorous. Using velvet is a simple and sophisticated way to add a high end edge to your home. Velvet isn’t just pretty – it’s also pretty tough. Our velvet options are the highest durability fabrics that we offer, the easiest to clean, and are incredible against kids and pets. This is a trend you won’t want to miss.

Clarissa Bar Stool EGYPTIAN BLUE | Harlow Swivel Chair SLATE | Ingrid Accent Chair MARINE BLUE | Nora Queen Size Sleeper Sofa CLOUD VELVET

Founder’s Faves

Fall is here, is your HOME ready? As we transition out of summer, my love for popsicles and watermelons begin to fade yet pumpkin spice lattes are just a scent away. I wanted to share with you some of my favorite finds that I am currently coveting to transition your home Summer to Fall.

-Mat Herman, Co-Founder, Buyer, and Curator of Apt2B

This year Mat Herman is loving pops of leather, fringes on accents, and light wood tones. These combinations round out the cornucopia of fall trend options at your disposal. They also pair well with velvets and the other cool and crisp colors discussed earlier. Fringes have been a popular option for the last few months, but this style was designed with fall in mind. Try fringes on toss pillows or an accent rug for maximum effect. Leather doesn’t need to be the brightest tree of the season, but its addition can certainly add beauty to the scenery of your home. Consider leather for an accent chair to bring out its best qualities.

Crawford Accent Chair HOUNDSTOOTH | Ezra Dining Table | Suraj Toss Pillow | Sylmar Side Chair NATURAL/BLACK

Find Your Favorite Fall Decor

Spice up your home this autumn by finding your own favorite fall decor! Check out our Founder’s Faves collection for a full look at our fall trends.


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