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We love our mothers. They carried us for 9 months. Then they went ahead and carried us for a few more years when we were much heavier and far more wriggly. It’s safe to say that mothers deserve an entire “Mother’s Month”. Unfortunately the world would fall apart if mothers took an entire month off. So that leaves us with Mother’s Day. No matter how you choose to honor your mother on this special day, the one thing that’s certain is that it’s a day when your mother deserves to kick back, relax, and take a load off. Help mom out with her relaxation by choosing the perfect Mother’s Day present from Apt2B!

@amominspired enjoys ice cream with her kids on our Brentwood 2pc Sectional

Help Your Mother Relax

Sometimes the most challenging part of celebrating Mother’s Day is getting your mother or your wife to actually relax and enjoy herself. Raising children is a full time job and Mother’s Day is really the only vacation day of the year. Help out by choosing a Mother’s Day gift that will set the proper mood for relaxation! Apt2B has a wide variety of toss pillows that can really enhance the look and comfort of a sofa, bed, or chair. Our new Bloom Collection features some absolutely gorgeous floral print pillows that are soft, comfy, and fashionable! People often consider choosing a candle as a bit of a “cop-out”, but getting a unique candle holder is a clever twist on this classic gift! Our Lighthouse Lantern is the perfect place for your wife or mother to put all the other candles she receives on this day. Throw blankets area also a smart gift. If you really need to help out in the relaxation department then consider purchasing our Grand Decanters and filling them with your wife or mother’s favorite hooch – the kids won’t have to know (maybe check that you have one of our Performance Fabrics first in case of spills).

Midnight Bloom & Marigold Toss Pillow | Geneva Toss Pillow | Grand Decanters – Set of 3 | Lighthouse Lantern

Give the Gift of Tidiness


Sometimes the best give of all is an act of service. Part of being a mother is being a janitor and an organizational expert. Keeping everything clean and tidy is no easy task. Treat your wife or mother to the gift of a clean and tidy home! This gift of service might also need to come with a real, physical gift to help out in the tidying process. Consider a Myra 3pc Storage Ottoman set to help keep toys and other living room debris out of sight! A nice Addax Keepsake Box is another great way to keep the top of a dresser clean. The Harry Magazine Stand is another elegant storage solution for a living room space, especially if your wife or mother likes magazines or books. If storage is lacking then it might be time to look into a new piece like one of our artistic credenzas! These credenzas come in a variety of beautiful and colorful patterns and designs.

Addax Keepsake Box | Credenza by Craftbelly SPRING KILIM | Harry Magazine Stand | Myra 3pc Storage Ottoman Set BLUE

A Small Present Can Still Be A Big Gift


If your mother or wife is anything like the women in my life then they might not necessarily want you buying them a larger piece of furniture for their home. However, there are plenty of smaller home decor accessories that your wife or mother is certain to love! People often overlook the value of a beautiful new table lamp. This is a wonderful way to give a smaller gift that will have a big impact! Try a lamp like our Faran Table Lamp or our Parr Table Lamp. You can go even smaller by choosing a cute decorative item like our Dooley Penguin or our Gordon Door Stopper. These cute little fellows always bring a smile to people’s faces. Apt2B also has a collection of really gorgeous and unique clocks! Our new Cloudnola clocks like the Gin Wall Clock or the Flipping Out Clock are the perfect gift.

Parr Table Lamp | Gordon Door Stopper | Dooley Penguin | Gin Wall Clock by Cloudnola

Don’t Wait Until The Last Minute!

We’re posting this blog now so that you still have time to get your wife or mother the gift she deserves! Don’t wait until the last minute (like you did last year). We’ve also made it easier than ever for you to shop for the perfect Mother’s Day gift by creating an entire Mother’s Day Gift Guide! Check out the Mother’s Day Gift Guide now!

Photos and support provided by some of our fantastic Apt2B customers (and strong mothers!): @everydayreading, @amominspired, @sandyalamode, @inhonorofmotherhood, @notmycircusblog, @momcrushmonday


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