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Watch our 3-part easy DIY video series as Apt2B resident designer, Kyle Schuneman, shows you how to give your couch a new look one leg at a time.

There’s a reason rock bands have been writing songs about legs for decades. Legs are an important part of the package. They’re sexy as hell. They’re a defining feature. And bad legs are a total deal breaker. I’m talking, of course, about sofa legs. If your sofa legs are looking a bit drab then give them a new lease on life with these awesome sofa leg hacks from Kyle Schuneman! Parts 2 & 3 of our 3 part series will show you how to give your sofa legs an industrial-chic edge and a wood-block base that will both look perfect in your home. Part 2 starts now and check out Part 3 below!

Part 2: Industrial Sofa Legs

Adding industrial legs to your Apt2B sofa couldn’t be easier! All you need is a power drill, screws, 6″ metal pipes, and pipe flanges! Industrial piping is designed to fit together without fuss – it’s basically the adult version of Lego!

Step 1: Remove the legs from your Apt2B sofa

Most Apt2B sofas feature easy-to-remove solid wood legs. All you have to do is twist them off! It’s easier to twist off our sofa legs than it is to twist off the lid to a pickle jar. Do those things really need to be THAT tight?!

Step 2: Assemble your metal piping

Assembling your metal pipe fittings is even easier than removing the sofa legs! All you have to do is take all of your metal pipes and twist the metal flanges into both sides. You should have 4 metal pipes that are 6″ long and 8 flanges so that you can create 4 complete sofa legs. The finished product will look like a set of dumbbells for a very weak person.

Step 3: Attach the metal piping to your sofa frame

Line up your new metal legs with the frame of the sofa. Use the original leg position as a guide for where to attach your metal legs. The pipe flanges have screw holes built into them so you don’t need to worry about drilling through metal! Once you have a leg nice and lined up it’s time to take your power drill and screw the leg into the hardwood frame! Repeat this step for all four legs.

Extra tip: Not into the unfinished metal look? These metal pipes are incredibly easy to spray paint in any metal color that you’d like! Gold and silver look especially good on this type of metal. For more information about spray painting sofa legs check out Part 1 of our DIY sofa hacks series!

Part 3: Wood Block Sofa Legs


Stacked wood block legs is a super original idea, but it’s also one of our more labor-intensive sofa leg hacks – but it’s a small price to pay for an amazing finished product! To complete this project you’ll need 24 wood blocks (6″w x 6″l x 1″h), your favorite color of spray paint, a power drill, a wood vice or clamp, and stick-on leg pads to protect your floor. That might sound like a lot of individual items but the project itself is surprisingly simple!

Step 1: Clamp your wood blocks together and drill a hole in the center

Grab 4 of your wood blocks and clamp them together. The clamp will keep your wood blocks from spinning while you drill the hole through the center of the blocks. However, you can absolutely do this step without a clamp! You’ll simply need to drill each hole individually instead of drilling through 4 blocks at a time. Once your blocks are clamped together you’ll take your power drill and – with a solid amount of pressure – drill a hole through the center of the blocks. Continue this process until you’ve drilled a hole through each block.

Step 2: Spray paint!

This is the fun part. Take your can of spray paint (whichever incredible color you’ve chosen) and spray each of the wood blocks. Make sure to spray paint each side! For more information about spray painting wooden legs you can check out Part 1 of our series! Wait 30 minutes for the spray paint to fully dry before moving on to step 3.

Step 3: Stack your wood blocks and screw them into the sofa

Once your wood blocks are completely dry you can finish up this project by simply stacking and screwing (no, not like that – get your mind out of the gutter)! Take 6 of the wood blocks, stack them together, align the center holes, thread your screw through the middle, and screw the stacked legs into the original threading on the sofa’s hardwood frame! For a cleaner look you can make all of the wood blocks flush, but for a truly “stacked” look you should allow each of the wood blocks to be angled in their own way. 6 of the wood blocks is perfect for one stacked sofa leg. Repeat this process until you have all four stacked legs attached!

Step 4: Attach your stick-on leg pads

The wood blocks and the end of the screw can be rough on your floor. Keep your floor safe by attaching 4 stick-on leg pads to the bottom of each stacked leg. This will protect your floor from damage while also stopping your sofa from sliding around on smooth surfaces. If you have carpeted floors then you can safely skip this step.

Extra tip: Now that you’ve successfully stacked your sofa you should invite your friends over to play some Jenga! Your friends will be extremely impressed by your newly-acquired stacking skills.

Be sure to take pictures of your finished furniture and send it to us using #2BHack and #MakeItHome! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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